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MAAN Builds Sites which are an Amalgam of Functionality and Style

Lewes, Delaware March 23, 2018 – Even though, in the recent time’s mobile phones have taken eminence, website development is still in demand. Website development is of importance these days in whatever business you are whether B2B or B2C.

Having a website is not out of fashion. In fact, it is important to have an online presence in these times of cutthroat competition. We all need to establish ourselves and grow. A well-designed website is a perfect marketing tool not only for large but also for small and medium businesses.

MAAN Softwares is a trusted player in the field of website development.

Clutch named Lets Nurture as Top Developers in Australia and Canada

“Clutch, a widely recognised B2B platform, named Lets Nurture as Top Web Developers in Australia, whereas Top iPhone App Developers and .NET Developers in Canada.”

On February 1, 2018; Clutch announced a new Leaders Matrix for mobile, computer software and IT industry in its report by evaluating all the website and mobile app development companies. The evaluating factors were client reviews, market presence and ability to deliver high quality services.

Recently accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification towards the end of a prolific year of 2017, Lets Nurture was meant to be knocking the doors of yet another achievement. Clutch named Lets Nurture as Top Developers in two Countries- Australia and Canada.