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Wave and Tidal Energy Market: An Empirical Assessment of the Trajectory of the Market

The new Wave and Tidal Energy Industry Report has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of energy and mining Industries.

Market Definition:

The development of new renewable energy sources is increasing, leading to reduction in the carbon emissions. Wave and tidal energy is one of such alternative sources of renewable energy satisfying the increasing energy demand. Tides and waves are two different natural occurrences of water, their ability to generate energy differs with regards to power, generation and reliability. Reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources and advancing technologies for energy generation are explored having minimal effect on environments. The aim of development of wave and tidal energy is to reduce the carbon footprint in emerging countries and increasing government initiatives and funds is also expected to drive the market. Main factors fueling the market growth includes the decrease of conventional power resources such as oil, coal and natural resources and rising concern regarding highly polluting nature of energy generation techniques that involve fossil fuels.