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The workflow of the food ordering process in Swiggy

Swiggy, as we all know food is an important part of balanced diet instant delivery bring even more immense pleasure. Great cuisines fill the tummy and quick deliveries bring soulful of happiness. The workflow of the food ordering process in Swiggy is continuous and very simple. Swiggy offers you to even order food at a very low price in a single tap with their pop menu, no minimum order is specified. First and fore mostly search your favourite restaurants, cuisines, or dishes from the wide collection available.

How to Build an App like Zomato? | Zomato Clone

In recent times, Abservetech has seen the rise of demand in food ordering, delivering clone scripts. Many startups, entrepreneurs are looking for food ordering clone scripts similar to Swiggy, Zomato, GrubHub. To match with the demand of clients, Abservetech has developed a clone script of Zomato known as FoodStar.

Business Model of an app like Zomato:

An app like Zomato consist of three stakeholders

1. Restaurant Owner.

2. Product Admin.

3. Delivery Boy App.