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Types and Uses of Bollards

Do you have a car parking and you would like to make sure that all the people and vehicles in it are safe? If safety is a priority for you it makes sense to consider using parking bollards that are meant to prevent accidents and that are designed to ensure safety on your property. You might also want to consider using speed humps that are also meant to increase safety within your premises.

Speed humps for busy car parks

Car parks are some of the busiest commercial areas you can find. Even if the activity everyone is interested in is on the inside, the busy areas are always on the outside. Speed humps are necessary because they are the ones that keep the speed of the vehicles as low as it can be. The issue is that a speed bump has to deal with a range of vehicles.


Effectiveness of the speed bump

Most vehicle accidents happen because speed is exceeded. When vehicles move fast, drivers have less time available to respond to road conditions and any collision causes damage. Imagine when pedestrians are around, the situation is even more critical. Municipalities and businesses think of traffic calming solutions, including speed humps. The speed bump is easy to install and implies low costs.

Why are speed humps effective

Traffic safety is crucial and when people and vehicles are in close proximity, it becomes a high concern. Aggressive driving occurs at every step and it becomes a risk for pedestrians in various locations, including schools and playgrounds, parking lots, shopping centers and much more. Speed humps have the purpose of reducing speed and protecting people. By installing a speed bump, accident risks are lowered.