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Sheet Lamination Market To Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2025

Sheet Lamination Market Overview

The Sheet Lamination market is primarily classified into the Ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) & laminated object manufacturing (LOM) market. The Ultrasonic additive manufacturing method uses sheets of metal, bound together with the help of ultrasonic welding. This requires additional CNC machining and removing the unbound metal, which is done during the welding. The laminated object manufacturing method uses a similar layering approach but uses paper instead of metal and adhesive instead of the welding process. LOM uses cross hatching to allow easy removal of the product post build. Laminated models are preferred for aesthetic purposes like models and are not recommended for structural use. Ultrasonic additive manufacturing, on the other hand, uses various metals like aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and copper and is thus suited for structural design. LOM was developed by Helisys Inc. (now Cubic Technologies). The ****** sheet lamination market is small since it not the most popular 3D printing method. Yet, it is still one of the fastest and most affordable methods to create rapid prototypes.