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RV Roof is Leaking – What should you Do and the Dangers of Waiting!

Bridgeport, ConnecticutSeptember 15th, 2020, – Spotting a roof leak inside the RV can make you sweat because water can travel in unexpected ways. A damp ceiling, rotted walls, and marks of mold or mildew are few signs that a leak is up there somewhere. It is important to act quickly to fix roof leaks. Even if the roof leak is small, fix it promptly. Ignorance and avoidance will not a fix roof leak and it will only make things worse.

Quoted: “The truth is the secret to the longevity of your RV is right above your head!”

Don’t get stuck out on the road unprepared when a gallon of roof coating can do wonders.

Bridgeport, ConnecticutAugust 25th, 2020 – Getting a hole or puncture in the RV roof is the last thing you want to worry about while on a family trip. RV roof are very delicate and can get damage if you are travelling in a rainy or snowy season. You may not think of securing your roof before the trip, but trust me if something goes wrong you really wish you had!

A common question that’s asked is; what can I do when a leak springs up while I am stuck on the road? The answer is quite simple use RV Roof Magic. RV Roof Magic is the best sealant for emergency RV leak repairs.

Tips for traveling, camping and hunkering down in a Post-COVID-19 world.

Bridgeport, ConnecticutAugust 7th, 2020 – This year is the toughest and the strangest. But you will tell your children and their children about the year of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  While striving to live in the present it is always good to do planning for the future. Plan your next RV trip this month and planning for next year gives you hope and excitement. Travel with your loved ones, exercise safety and precaution and create cherished memories.

According to Craig Kirby, President of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), “Americans love the space and freedom of the outdoors and the enrichment that comes with living an active outdoor life.”

New Study Looks at the Life Span of RV Roof Coatings

Bridgeport, ConnecticutJuly 14th, 2020 – On average RV roof lasts around 20 years before it needs replacement or repairing. During this time period you can expect leaks at around 10 years or even 5 years depending upon how the RV is utilized and taken care off. If you plan to keep your RV for a longer period of time you will have roofing issues with regularity. One way of protecting your RV roof is providing an RV roof coating to it.

As coronavirus restrictions ease up across the country, a new kind of RV vacation is at the forefront.

Bridgeport, ConnecticutJune 23, 2020 – Protecting your RV is a big responsibility, especially protecting the roof from extrusive elements and from potential damage. After all, the roof is the most important part that requires regular care and attention to ensure it remains in a tip-top condition all the time.

According to CNN Travel:” As corona virus created havoc across North America, people living in the RVs and Vans were squeezed. But now restrictions are easing up and people are desperate to travel.”

How RVers preparing for post corona RV travelling?

Bridgeport, ConnecticutJune 9th, 2020 – Amid Corona virus restrictions many RVers are barred from RV travelling. At this point staying put sounds to be the best possible course of action. However you can utilize this time to recoat your RV for post Covid-19 world hopefully. Recoating your RV roof is not difficult if you properly follow the RV Roof Coating Application instructions.

Covid-19 Safety Alert:” Avoid famous Parks/areas where people may gather together and avoid larger groups, in general. If you are attempting to visit a park and the park is full, leave and either visit a different park, or return home and visit at another time when the park is not busy.”

Very Good Tips on RV Roof Maintenance during COVID Pandemic

Bridgeport, ConnecticutMay 19th, 2020 – Repairing RV roof is not a waste of time and resources. Sooner or later you have to perform this activity either by yourself or by hiring professionals. One way to fix your RV roof is by using a RV roof repair coating that seals and protects any parts of your damaged roof and can be applied on just about any type of RV roof. Also RV roof repair coating offers durable membrane which allows you to never worry about seams again. RV roof repair coatings also offer extra layer of protection against harmful and hazardous debris and objects.

Experts reviews and suggests roof coatings for mobile homes/ RVs to save costly repairs

Bridgeport, Connecticut- March 17th, 2020 – Roof coating for mobile homes/RVs can benefit your RV in number of ways. First it protects your RV from the outset. Just like putting a screen protector protects the mobile phone, putting a roof coating on your RV will protect the roof. Another common use of roof coating is to prevent roof leaks. You cannot let the leaks to linger on and damage the interior so you have to fix them immediately. A roof coating e.g. RV Roof Magic will fix leaks and prevent them to re occur.

RV Roofing Magazine: RV Roof Coating makes RV Sealing Process smooth as it goes on successfully at any time..!!

Bridgeport, Connecticut- February 25th, 2020 – As an RV owner you must be familiar with roof coatings and even some of you have used them in the past or about to use in the near future because RV roof leaks are something unavoidable and a roof coating is the best way to fix them. A RV roof coating can take the form of a tape or a mix between a paint and varnish. They work by making your RV water proof by sealing up any pores or cracks on the roof surface or around air vents and other openings. On the top of that they protect your vehicle from the damage caused by uv-rays, the sun, water and wind.