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MTM Clear Aligners

Much like Invisalign®’s tray-based treatment, MTM® clear aligners are made from thin, yet durable, plastics. These trays are virtually invisible when worn, minimizing the visual effect treatment has on your smile. This treatment is cost-effective and provides the same results obtained through well-known brands such as Invisalign® and ClearCorrect. MTM® clear aligners allow us to provide discreet orthodontics in Killeen that matched to each patient’s finances.


In addition to the affordability and discretion of this appliance, patients are also able to maintain their diets and regular oral hygiene routine. Trays are removed during meals, eliminating the chance of broken brackets or trapped food particles. This also makes cleaning teeth as easy as regular brushing and flossing. Clear orthodontic aligners available at our practice allow us to correct:

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Clear Braces

Clear Aligner Braces In Killeen , TX

Many patients who want an ideally straight smile are resistant to the idea of visible orthodontic appliances. At Clear Creek Family Dentistry, we provide options for invisible orthodontics in Killeen, allowing patients to achieve straight teeth without compromising their natural dental aesthetics.

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The Importance of Orthodontics

Straight smiles provide a boost in confidence, help patients maintain better oral hygiene, and improve bite function and comfort. Crowded and overlapping teeth are harder to clean, making them more susceptible to experience decay. A misaligned or crowded bite can also create imbalance and discomfort.