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What does a remote sensing specialist do?


Geoinformatics is a term used to describe a number of different technologies, approaches and processes that deal with spatial information. It is an academic discipline that works with geo-data for a better interpretation of human interaction with the surface of the earth. Geoinformation combines various datasets, right from geographical information systems, remote sensing, and non-remote sensing for generating results or maps that allow for better interpretation, decision making, and management about human activities on the surface of the earth.

The New Way Of Learning Geoinformatics Has Finally Arrived! Are You Game For It?


The domain of geospatial technologies is currently evolving at an incredible pace. In-sync with that, the Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics (SIG Pune) – one of the most sought after educational institutes and quality training providers in the domain of geospatial technologies – has launched their very own postgraduate programmes in the rapidly expanding domain of geoinformatics. Built with the sole objective of honing and fostering world-class geoinformatics professionals, the institute is now seen as the best place for pursuing an MSc in Geoinformatics programme. Let us learn a little more about it!


The Postgraduate Course in Geoinformatics

Learn The Secrets Of Remote Sensing At SIG Pune!

The field of Remote Sensing is one that is rapidly gaining great amounts of recognition and respect amongst Indian students. This growing demand for the knowledge and understanding of the art and science of Remote Sensing led the Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics to launch some incredible Certificate Courses in Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing. Let us discover a little more about these courses and discover as to why getting yourself an MSc in Remote Sensing degree from SIG Pune can be a fantastic way to kick-start an exciting career journey of a lifetime! Read on ahead to know how!