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Lyophilized Drugs Market Insight By Advanced Business Strategies & Competitive Dynamics

Lyophilization of the sterile injectable is necessary to maintain the stability of some unstable bulk ingredients. Lyophilization provides longer shelf life, from two to five years, to the molecule. Lyophilization also enables easy transportation of bulk drugs. Moreover, lyophilized drugs can be stored at room temperature. Manufacturers such as BUCHI Labortechnik AG, SP Scientific, and West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. are focusing on development of lyophilization process to enhance production capacity of lyophilized drug. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies are focusing on the development of highly advanced lyophilized drug delivery systems, in order to address or meet significant challenges such as multistep drug administration procedures, inconvenience administration of drugs through self-injection, risk of needlestick injuries, and others (lengthy dose preparation timings).