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ICICI Bank Stock Information

Information About ICICI Bank:

ICICI Bank is one of the premier Indian multinational banks. The bank has more than 4500 offices and has marked its presence in more than 19 countries across the world. The bank has recorded profit after tax of Rs.98.01 billion, as of 31 March 2017. From investment banking and insurance to venture capital and asset management, ICICI Bank is known for many financial services.

History of ICICI Bank Ltd:

In 1994, ICICI bank was promoted by an Indian wholly-owned subsidiary, ICICI Limited. In the fiscal year 1998, the shareholding of ICICI Ltd in ICICI Bank was reduced to 46%. Soon it became the first Indian company and the bank from non-Japan Asia to be listed on NYSE in 1999.

ICICI Bank Share Price – ICICI Bank Share Price Live Update – mymoneykarma

ICICI Bank Stock Trends in 2018:

  1. On 01 January 2018, the opening price of ICICI Bank stock started at Rs.314 per share. The prices started picking up from 11 January 2018. On 16 January 2018, though many bank’s stock prices declined shares of ICICI Bank drastically was trading well among the most traded stocks on NSE.
  2. On 12 January 2018, the ICICI Bank allocated ESOP and ESPS which led to an increase in the share price in the following days.
  3. On 16 January 2018, the share price was Rs.329.75. The change in the Board of Directors also led to an increase in share prices as investors expected a change due to new leadership.