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How heat pipe works? One of the important factor in thermal industry.

Maniks is the confided in master in heat pipe items and technologies. Maniks produces a huge assortment of heat channels, heat pipe heat sinks, and heat pipe gatherings for a wide scope of utilizations. Truth be told, Maniks is the main maker that routinely conveys heat channels for earthly hardware cooling (copper-water), on-circle satellite warm administration (aluminum-smelling salts and copper-water) and high temperature alignment gear (fluid metal). Moreover, Maniks is the accomplice of decision in growing new usefulness and expanded execution with rising heat pipe innovation. In this article, we will learn about how heat pipe works?


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What are Heat Pipes/Heat Exchangers?

Heat pipe is Heat transfer devices. They are Hollow cylindrical pipes, filled with a small/little amount of working fluid that evaporates to produce heat. This heat then rejected from another end for its application on various industrial processes. For example, heat pipe is used in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration application.

A heat pipe is a closed evaporator-condenser cylindrical system sealed under vacuum with a small amount of working fluid. During non-operation, the working fluid contained inside the wick structure lines the inner diameter of the heat pipe. When heat is applied to the heat pipe, the liquid in the wick gets heated and forms a vapor.  After that, the fluid vapor fills the entire pipe quickly spreads to the other end of the heat pipe.

Heat pipe Energy Transformation at very high speed

Heat pipe is an exceptionally productive approach to exchange heat vitality starting with one end then onto the next. It chips away at the standards of heat conductivity and stage exchange. The High heat conductivity empowers a heat pipe to exchange and disperse heat to the coveted area through a “fine activity”. This impact is like putting a paper tissue in a liquid and watches the liquid ascent up the paper towel.

Heat funnels were concocted by Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1963 by George Grover to supply heat to and expel squander heat from vitality change framework.


What is Heat Pipe – Working of Heat Pipe Exchanger for Thermal Management

What is Heat Pipe?

Heat pipes are Heat transfer devices. They are Hollow cylindrical pipes filled with a small amount of fluid that evaporates to produce heat. This heat is then rejected from another end for its application on industrial processes. For example, it is used in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration application.

Heat pipe working principle:

Heat pipe is generally self-heat recovery devices that are used to transfer heat from one end (heat injection) to another (destination) with minimum temperature differences and also to pass the heat across internal surface. Many terms have to be taken into consideration while choosing a pipe for application on industrial devices. They are manufactured in different shapes such as round or flat shapes.

Maniks Heat Pipe A Very Efficient Way to Transfer Heat

Heat Pipe is a very simple device which is applicable in the energy conservation applications. Maniks is conventional supplier of efficient and cost effective heat pipe to exchange heat from source to desired location with very high thermal conductivity. It is a very important invention by George Grover in early 1960s which is been applicable in many applications. Now a days it is been widely used in the applications from handhold devices to aerospace elements. He has independently developed heat pipe for Los Alamos National Laboratory to avoid waste of heat energy from energy conservation system.

Operating principle