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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Diagnostics and Treatment Market Future Opportunities 2026

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease. It also known as Hashimoto’s disease. It is a medical condition, wherein the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones needed by the body. The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck. Hormones play a key role in the body and control the metabolic activity.

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Actual cause of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is unknown. However, scientists and professionals believe few factors play a key role including genes, hormones, excessive iodine, and radiation exposure. Researchers believe that certain drugs and high iodine level leads to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Studies indicate that *** hormones could also be leading cause of the disease. Symptoms of the disease could take some time to appear. The first sign and symptom of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is enlarged thyroid, also known as goiter.