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Tampa Firm Found Guilty of Fraud – Plaintiff Awarded $1 Million

A Tampa, FL financial firm and its owner was found guilty in Federal Court of Fraud & Breach of Contract.

Orlando, FL, Aug 01, 2019 — Freddy Russian and his company American Private Equity based in Tampa, Florida found guilty of Fraud and Breach of Contract in U.S. Federal Court. Plaintiff The Prosyon Group was awarded nearly $1 million after a 4 day trial on June 26, 2019.

An eight person jury unanimously decided against Freddy Russian and his firm for Fraud & Breach of Contract after a four day trial based on insurmountable evidence and witness testimony. The verdict is related to M&A services rendered by The Prosyon Group after it was contracted when Freddy Russian and his firm couldn’t deliver for Brazil-based Quimatec Produtos Quimicos.

CBS-Featured Whistleblower and Lawyer Release Series of YouTube Videos

A whistleblower and lawyer featured by CBS News just released a series of YouTube videos designed to help other whistleblowers report fraud. On July 27, 2018, the CBS Whistleblower series featured the gripping tale of James Holzrichter, a whistleblower represented by Chicago lawyer Michael I. Behn. Holzrichter fought Northrop in a case that lasted more than 16 years, and resulted in Northrop paying $134 million to resolve claims of fraud brought by Holzrichter and pursued by Behn. Watch the show at www.bit.ly/BehnLawyerOnCBS.

Psychiatrists Have Invented Enough “Disorders” To Label Every Person On Earth

Vancouver- June 13, 2018 – A video documentary entitled “ Diagnostic & Statistical Manual” has been presented by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International which portrays psychiatry’s DSM 5 as a fraud perpetrated on society for the sole purpose of enormously increasing their income base by falsely labeling individuals, particularly helpless little children , for profit. Furthermore, they are calling this fraudulent labeling of little children a gross violation of human rights and child abuse.

The video depicts the manual as a “house of cards” built solely on the opinions of certain psychiatrists who actually vote “disorders” into existence.