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Effective Ways to Save Money on Hotel Booking

In today’s world of extreme ****** expansion , many ****** organisations are going an extra mile to fulfil their social obligations. Travel today has become more of a necessity than luxury and is slowly becoming a part of life to solve a purpose of business or taking a break from the everyday monotony. In either of the cases, finding a suitable accommodation option that suits your requirements , timings and the budget has become a major concern and we are often seen wondering how to save extra bucks on hotel stays when travelling from one place to another. Here is a list on how you can make your hotel stays much more enjoyable and affordable – both at the same time:

5 Things Business Travelers Want in Their Hotel Room

Corporate travel is one of the most lucrative markets and hence more and more hotels are trying to cater to the specific needs of a business traveller. So, if you are a hotel looking forward to attract corporate clients or a new business traveller wanting to know what to look for in your hotel room, here are 5 most important things that a business traveller prefers to have in hotel rooms :

1.Free / Reliable Wi-Fi

Online Hotel Booking Service – RoomsXpert

There has been a revolution in terms of hotel booking services. Now planning your weekend getaway or a business trip can be done in a much easier and affordable way, all thanks to internet! Online hotel bookings make it easier to select an ideal hotel for your customers or employees. While the process used to require a lot of effort in terms of locating and selecting a reliable hotel far away from your home destination, the internet has dramatically simplified the process with online hotel booking websites. These online hotel booking engines allow you to pick a hotel with your preferred features and services, whether you are looking for a luxurious retreat or a simple and affordable place to stay.

The know-hows of B2B travel portals

What are B2B websites?

B2B websites are corporate travel portals that enable one to reserve for lodging, flights and other travel requirements online through a travel portal. It’s an abbreviation for business to business websites where there are three interacting parties, the consumer, travel agency, and the hoteliers. The consumer books the lodging through an online travel agency which further coordinates with the hoteliers keeping the needs and requirements of the customer in mind. This is a great service that not only eases down the travel procedures for the consumers but is an amazing platform for small travel organizations to represent themselves on an online platform and eventually grow and expand.

Comfortable and Stylish Corporate Travel Outfits

You are smart enough to compare B2B hotels booking system, you are smart enough to reach your flight and board on time, but are you smart enough to make a stunning first impression?

Carry extra shirts

It is always wise to carry a shirt or two extra while traveling for business. You won’t have to run around trying to get your shirt cleaned and ironed if you have an extra pair. No to mention, if you are traveling in summers or to a hot destination where you will perspire more than usual, a couple of extra shirts will be a blessing.

An Easy Guide to Corporate Travel Portals

Corporate travel portals are online travel booking engines providing multiple services from reservations for flights, hotels, buses, to cruises, banquets and much more. Specifically designed to keep the corporate employees in mind, it solves the purpose of aggregation and distribution of all kinds of information pertaining to travel. They are a great way for small travel agencies to collaborate and grow by focusing on the best deals, providing personalised services and keeping itself updated with the prices and the offers.