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Latest Research Report on Cell Surface Markers Market Growth, Industry Revenue Analysis

Growth in this market is driven by the rising ****** incidence of chronic diseases, increasing vaccine development to address the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, and technological advancements in Cell Surface Markers kits and analyzers.

The cell surface markers market is valued at an estimated USD 520 million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 769 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 8.1%

The cell surface markers market is segmented into research applications and clinical applications. The clinical applications segment is expected to witness higher growth during the forecast period primarily due to the rising prevalence of cancer and the increasing adoption of cell surface markers in cancer treatment.

Cell Surface Markers Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand 2012 – 2018

A new Transparency Market Research report states that the ****** medical gases and equipment market stood at US$5.3 bn in 2011 and is predicted to reach US$9 bn in 2018. It is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 8.0% CAGR between 2012 and 2018. The title of the report is “Medical Gases and Equipment Market – ****** Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast, 2012 – 2018.”