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Synthetic Biology Market: Future and Technological Advancement 2026

Synthetic biology involves the design and construction of entirely new biological systems from standardized genetic components, together with the essential redesign of existing life for new purposes. Synthetic biology is extensively used in medical and pharmaceuticals field to produce and manufacture improved biological drugs and systems to meet various challenges in the healthcare sector. Synthetic biology offers various opportunities in the field of healthcare such as recreating highly complex pathways, DNA sequences, and natural biological systems.

The Global Synthetic Biology Market size is estimated to be valued at US$ 6.09 billion in 2018, and is expected to witness a CAGR of 33.9% during the forecast period (2018–2026).

Global Volumetric Video Market Size and Forecast to 2025

According to Verified Market Intelligence, the Global Volumetric Video Market was valued at USD 220.3 Million in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 3.5 Billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 34.2% from 2017 to 2025.

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The volumetric video is defined as a video technique that is used in order to capture a three-dimensional space. These three-dimensional spaces can be situations such as a performance or a location. In the volumetric video, the video acquires the data in such a way that the video can be viewed on both 3D displays, VR goggles as well as on more conventional flat screens. This kind of video technology can be extremely beneficial in several applications such as in computer graphics and gaming and therefore this is driving the market for the Global Volumetric Video Market.

Global Sterile Injectables Market: Competitive Intelligence and Tracking Report 2018 – 2026

The last decade has witnessed a major paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, with increasing inclination towards biologics over conventional drugs. Therapeutic areas such as Oncology, drugs are been overtaken by biologics as they are highly absorbable in the body with quick therapeutic response. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry too has been swept by winds of change, with strong biologics pipeline under their product portfolio. Novel drug delivery systems that deliver specific targeted therapies are gaining importance. These aspects, among others, have in turn led to a spike in growth of the sterile injectables market. Globally, around 2,400 injectables s are under development pipeline, which are potent and non-potent. This is a major factor directly fueling growth of the Global Sterile Injectables Market. The generic market is the largest target market for sterile injectables. Major generics players such as Teva Pharmaceuticals, Hospira, Hikma, and Fresenius Kabi are also involved in development of sterile injectables.

The U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market – Bharat Book Bureau

Bharat Book Bureau Provides the Trending Market Research Report on “The U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market”under Healthcare Category. The report offers a collection of superior market research, market analysis, competitive intelligence and Market reports.

The U.S. Weight Loss Market is now worth a record $72 billion, but the number of dieters has fallen, due to the growth of the size acceptance and body positivity movement. Do-it-yourself plans still abound as consumers use free diet & fitness apps. Consumers are shunning processed foods and artificial ingredients, but frozen food makers have adjusted and sales are showing signs of growth. Commercial diet chains are posting strong growth. Many untapped niches still exist. Medically supervised diet programs and franchises have seen growth slow, as commercial chains outperformed them since 2017.

Cardiac Assist Devices Market Register a Hugh Growth In Healthcare Industry by 2026

Cardiac assist devices are mechanical pumps that assist the heart to enhance its pumping efficiency and help maintain optimal blood flow throughout the body. In cases of congestive heart failure, where oral medications fail to help the patient survive, cardiac assist devices are used. Heart failure is majorly caused due to weakening of heart muscles, which diminishes the heart’s ability to ensure optimal blood supply throughout the body. In such cases, the heart can be donated to the suffering patient, however, the number of donors for heart transplantation is reducing, due to rapid improvement in healthcare, which increases the life span of several patients. This in turn, is increasing the demand for cardiac assist devices, further creating a lucrative environment for growth of the Cardiac Assist Devices Market. Furthermore, rapid advancements in technology coupled with increasing number of cardiac surgeries among heart patients are factors contributing to growth of the cardiac assist devices market.

Biomarkers Market Around Globe: Growth, Development, Trends, Demand, Share, Analysis and Forecast 2026

Biomarkers are used for diagnosis and drug development, as these biomarkers can indicate diseases in the body. Furthermore, biomarkers can be any specific cells, molecules, genes or gene products, enzymes or hormones. Biomarker-based test are precise and rapid, which help in early prediction of susceptibility, prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Hence, increasing research and development activities for identifying new biomarkers to diagnose or treat diseases is expected to be major factor growth of the market.

Pen Needles Market Will Witness a Staggering Growth During 2018–2026

Pen needles are used to inject medication (most commonly to inject insulin in diabetic patients). Pen needles offer various advantages over conventional needle and syringe device such as they aid in self-administration of the medication and do not require expertise. Pen needles are screwed to injection pens through plastic hub and has the required quantity of medication in it. This gets injected through the pen. There are different sizes of pen needle available depending upon the length and gauge. Different length available are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10 mm, and 12mm. Gauge size decides the thickness of pen needle, higher the gauge number, lesser is the thickness. Various gauges with pen needles are 29G, 30G, 31G and 32G. Most advanced pen needles are ultra-fine needles, which are painless and reaches optimally in subcutaneous layer beneath skin, whereas larger size needles such as 8mm and 12 mm may have risk to reach intramuscular layer beneath skin if not inserted properly.

Global Gamma Knife Market: Competitive Intelligence and Tracking Report 2018 – 2026

Chronic neurological disorders such as metastatic brain tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, and arteriovenous malformations are complex to treat. Standard brain surgery and radiation therapy can damage healthy tissues and cause various side effects. Moreover, these treatment methods involve in-hospital post treatment care. Gamma knife, which has been introduced decades ago, is one of the most effective non-invasive technologies that is steadily gaining traction in the treatment of tumors. Gamma knife surgery represents a major advancement in brain surgery, with a one-day treatment procedure. Patients can go home the same day after treatment with gamma knife. Click To Read More On Global Gamma Knife Market

Orthopedic Braces and Support Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2026

Orthopedic braces are wearable medical devices that provide appropriate alignment, positional correction, supporting the muscles, stabilizing and protecting several parts of the body that mainly includes joints, bones, and muscles. These devices are mainly prescribed by orthopedics and orthotists to the patients who have suffered from major injuries and are used in prophylaxis of these damages. Orthopedic braces and support devices are used by patients immediately after the injury and are suggested to be worn throughout the course of hospitalization, and also during the rehabilitation. Click To Read More On Orthopedic Braces and Support Market.