What Does It Feel Like To Be A Sugar Baby?


Being a sugar baby is a unique experience, one that isn’t like any traditional relationship. Instead of being based on love or feelings, sugar baby dating is based on an arrangement. This arrangement is something that is agreed upon by both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy. With this in mind, being in a sugar daddy relationship is much different. Many people, women, and men want to know what it feels like to be a sugar baby.

Today we are going to try and introduce you to what is a sugar baby is like. Before we begin it is important to note that every sugar relationship is different so feelings may be different.

Cared For

Despite the fact that being a sugar baby means that you are in an arrangement, not a relationship, sugar babies often feel a sense of being cared for. This stems from several reasons, one being the fact that they feel financially secure from the arrangement. As a sugar baby, you also know that there is someone out there that wants you so much they are willing to pay for your companionship. Lastly, while you don’t have feelings of love in this arrangement, the sugar relationship still often has cuddling and discussion, both make you feel cared for.


Above we mentioned the fact that sugar daddies want their sugar babies so much they are willing to pay for them. This goes above making you feel cared for and also makes you feel wanted. The face of your sugar daddy when you are with them also makes you feel wanted. Whenever you see them, their face lets you know that you are wanted.

We all crave the feeling of being wanted but it isn’t something that we always feel when we are in a traditional relationship and it is rare to feel when you are single. Some sugar babies want a sugar relationship just to feel wanted and to give something back for that as part of the sugar relationship.


Stress comes from all around us in our fast-paced lives. Our home lives, work lives, school lives, finances, and more all contribute to our stress. Reducing our stress helps to live a happier life but reducing stress can be difficult. Being with a sugar daddy can help to reduce that stress.

Most sugar babies will have at least a part-time job on top of being a sugar baby. The money that a sugar baby gets from their sugar daddy reduces stress significantly though. Many sugar babies receive help from their sugar daddies for help with paying for school, that alone can take quite a burden off one’s shoulders.

The lack of a relationship commitment also reduces stress. Sugar babies don’t have to worry about the big breakup like you would have to in a traditional relationship. This can reduce stress for sugar babies.


As a sugar baby, you often find yourself feeling experienced through all of the things you learn, feel, see, and otherwise experience. At the very least, sugar daddies love to provide their knowledge of the world and life to help their sugar babies. The process of mentoring and helping is one of the side benefits of a sugar arrangement for sugar daddies.

Sugar babies also get experiences through meeting the rich, going to nice restaurants, and helping people (sugar daddies) feel young again. In addition, some sugar daddies bring their sugar babies around the world on travels with them. This isn’t always a thing but a sugar baby who is interested in it


All of the reasons that we have discussed here tend to give sugar babies a feeling of happiness that not everyone else is able to feel. They no longer worry about having to provide for the school, feel cared for, wanted, and more. Who doesn’t want to feel happy?

The gifts that you get from a sugar daddy go to make you even happier. From great articles of clothing to purses, a sugar baby has plenty of gifts that make them smile. And because of the agreement, these typically aren’t cheap gifts. They are ones that will make you feel as if you are wealthy yourself.

The reduced stress from being free of debt also contributes to a level of happiness. Stress and worry are some of the biggest impacts on happiness around the world.

Negative Feelings Associated With Being A Sugar Baby

As we have seen here, there are many positive feelings that are associated with being a sugar baby. That doesn’t mean everything about sugar daddy dating is completely positive. A few negative feelings are associated with being a sugar baby.

Before you start reading this section though, it is important to note that the negatives associated with being a sugar baby are very often outweighed by the positives. Some people never experience most of the negatives of being a sugar baby, especially if they live in a very open and accepting area. Now, take a look at the following negative feelings or experiences associated with being a sugar baby.


Society has changed a lot over the last few years. *** positivity and alternative lifestyles have become more accepted than ever. That includes sugar daddy dating. Even with all of the acceptance that has come about, you will still find people that will judge you for being part of a sugar daddy relationship. It is important to not let that get you down though, you will find that the majority of people are accepting and want to learn more about sugar baby dating.

However, if you do receive judgment for what you do, it is a good idea to cut that person out of your life. Chances are they are just going to be a negative influence in your life in other ways too. The last thing that any of us need is negativity in our lives.

No Sense of Commitment

Sugar baby dating comes with no guarantee as to how long it will continue. If your sugar daddy decides that he wants to move on, you will be left looking for a new sugar daddy. Something that most people at least think about, if not worry about when they are in a sugar relationship.

You Can Develop Feelings

It is possible to develop feelings for a sugar daddy. This actually isn’t uncommon. However, sugar relationships are all about the lack of emotion. These relationships are all about the fun that you both have without the connections. Should feelings develop, you will both have to discuss the situation. A discussion about potential feelings can be awkward and often result at the end of an agreement. Every sugar baby relationship has an end.

A plus side does exist to the ending of the sugar daddy relationship though. New sugar daddies are always waiting to find a sugar baby and you can embark on a new adventure with one of them.

Being a sugar baby is unlike anything that most people have experienced. As you can see, many of the things that a sugar baby feels are positive. While there are a few negatives, there are far more positive feelings to be experienced. With less judgment in the world around us, it doesn’t hurt to try figuring out what it feels like being a sugar baby for yourself.