Top 4 Digital PR Trends you cannot avoid in 2020

A growing lust for interactive content, better algorithms and a paradigm shift in the online influencer landscape has made us think about the upcoming digital PR trend that will drive the marketing and PR industry in 2020.

With plenty of new platforms and mechanisms sprouting up, many industry pros are unsure about what to expect. Creators are looking for the magic solution to not only stay relevant, but proactively get ahead of the curve.

Here are the top 4 trends that are going to dominate the digital PR landscape in 2020:

1. Integrated Marketing

Marketing is going to be more extensive in 2020 partnering with PR professionals. There are several ways that today’s PR and marketing professionals are coming together to grow their impact on working as a team.

How the marketing and PR team can combine?

The best way of their amalgamation is by sharing their most relevant and successfully earned media coverage across paid and owned media channels. This is the most credible way to earn further recognition through earned media content. It will not only build their brand recognition but also prospects.

2. Increased Trend of Storytelling Content

The last few years were a roller coaster ride for press releases. PR professionals were flooded with press releases each day, faced a tough time to pick the right news.

Although the scenario wouldn’t change much in 2020, this time they would be able to use the right press release distribution platform to pitch the right one.

Yes, the storytelling concept of digital PR methods will be more into vogue this year, especially by the startup.

Producing effective, engaging, and interactive content that can be automatically published is the key to building the right bonding with the PR professionals and capturing media coverage.

Some of the most promising and effective content types that would be more in distribution may include:

Guest posts

White Papers



3. Social Media will evolve further  

In 2020, the old trend of earned and owned social media content will keep evolving amongst the brands as they will keep interacting with their target market using social media uninterruptedly.   

Yes, of course, the social media users’ engagement model has shifted over the last few years. As per an estimation, the top brands admitted that stories have taken over the feeds today.

In 2020; think beyond the newsfeed by distributing your owned and earned media to your audience in other ways. The recent algorithm updates of Facebook and drastically impacted its reach and influence for the brands that are using this platform. We suggest using several paid and organic content for your marketing and PR strategy and not relying on any specific social platform.

4. Voice content will increase its reach

In 2020, millions of Audio devices like Alexa has been sold out. It is going to dominate and is officially taking over all other platforms of promotion. The virtual home assistants are not only used for playing music or obeying your commands, today more and more people are using them to access news and other information.

The increase in voice search has helped many brands like Proctor and Gamble to find out the technical differences between their consumers’ behaviour in-person, voice or online.

And the result is quite clear – podcasts. It is a great way to learn about the industry you are dealing with, and they also offer you the most talked-about influencers’ content that can develop your brand and authority within your segment.

Millions of podcasts of entrepreneurs are available out there to have a look and use them to promote your brand by making guest appearances if possible.


Although predictions are difficult, considering our understanding of digital PR metrics and rich experience in this domain, these four predictions are sure to rule the roost.

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