Pony Needles Online for Sale

Needle are one the most important tool when it comes to embroidery be it any project with light or defined work. There are various types of Pony Needles that you can find online but it is important to know each of their purposes so that you can easily choose the right one for your project. In this blog, we are going to discuss different types of pony embroidery needle that you must own:

1) Sharps/Milliner: This is the thinnest needle among all the sewing needles. It has a long shaft but a really small round eye which sometimes makes it difficult to thread (if the needle is really small). The size of these needles ranges from 1 to 12. Size 1 being the largest and size 12 being the smallest. You can use these needles to create stitches like French knot, drizzle stitch and bullion stitch.


2) Crewel Needle: Crewel Needles have oval-shaped eye which is comparatively bigger than milliner’s eye that it makes it easy to thread them. They also come in 12 sizes. These are mainly used for doing adornment on fabrics with sequins, beads, French wire, rhinestones, etc.

Size 4 and 5 needles are used for doing thread embroidery. The size of the eye of this needle makes it easy to work with embroidery floss like anchor embroidery thread.


3) Chenille:  This is one thick needle with sharp tip and long bulging eye. They are perfect when you are working with thick threads.


4) Tapestry Needle: These are same as Chenille but instead of sharp tip they have blunt tip. They are used for doing needle point and cross-stitching embroidery.



5) Betweens / Quilting Needles: When you want to achieve even stitches, you can use these small needles. They have a sharp tip which to pass through tightly woven weaved fabric.


6) Darners: If you are looking for a long to do darning work then these needles are perfect for it.


7) Beading NeedleKeeping in mind beader’s need pony has made three sizes in beading needles 10, 11, and 12. If you’re a beader, you can definitely go for these needles.



8) Crochet HookThese crochet hooks will make your crochet work easy and effortless.


So, this was all about different types pony needles you can find online on embroiderymaterial.com. These pony needles plays important role in embroidery tools.