Multi Color Cylinder Beads Online for Sale

Beads play an important role in embroidery and jewelry making. Their availability in different sizes, colors and finishes makes them even more likable. Today we are going to talk about cylinder beads that are available on your favorite bead store

1) Indian Beads: These low-cost beads are consistent in color and finish. However, they are a bit uneven in size. If you are looking for something that will give your designs a boho look then you can go for these beads. These beads will give your designs a unique charm.


2) Miyuki 2 Cut Beads: Miyuki 2 cut beads are the premium quality Japanese beads. They are loved by designers as they are highly consistency in color, size and finish. You are going to love the range of color and finishes present in miyuki beads.


3) Toho Hex Cut Beads: These are also premium quality Japanese beads that are highly consistent in color, size, finish and shape. These are perfect beads for jewelry making. They also come in various colors, sizes and finishes. With description it seems like toho and miyuki beads are similar but they very different in look and feel. Toho beads will give your designs a professional look.


4) MGB 2 Cut Beads:

MGB, Matsuno Glass Beads is also another Japanese brand which makes beads with high consistent in color, size and finish. You can find them in various beautiful colors and gorgeous finishes. These are perfect beads for jewelry making.


So, this was about various types of 2 cut beads available online on