Ribbons and Cords Online for Sale

Wedding and Festive Season is here with a triumph and we all need to do so many preparations. From gifts to decoration, everything has to be perfect. So, we at embroiderymaterial.com have brought to you a large collection of ribbon and cords that you can use for decoration of any event or party. Let’s see one by one what we have got for you:

1) Synthetic Raffia RibbonThis lovely ribbon comes with a little pearly shine which makes them perfect for gift wrapping, decoration and also for embroidery. They are also perfect for craft projects.


2) Paper Raffia RibbonThis one is paper raffia ribbon which comes in twisted form. It is perfect for gift wrapping and decoration. You can also use it for decorating craft projects. This comes in matte finish so you can use it where you need a subtle look.


3) Satin RibbonThese are must-have for craft lovers. They have numerous uses from wrapping gifts, making flowers, bows, to decorating bags and baby wear. These ribbons are perfect for various types of decorations. Add these to your collection today.


4) Jute CordThis is the latest collection of cord. They are really strong and sturdy and can be used for various purposes like gift wrapping and decoration. They are also perfect for making handmade home décor items. These are available in spools which makes them really easy to use and store.


So, this was all about various craft ribbons and jute cord available on embroideymaterial.com. Place your order now to get amazing discounts and best deals.

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