Multi Color Crystal Beads Online for Sale

When it comes to jewelry making beads hold a lot of importance. Crystal beads are one type of beads that are extremely versatile and can be used for making any jewelry designs. They are available in so many different varieties and shapes like tube, cone, bicone, rectangle, etc. They are perfect for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and other jewelry items. Let’s know more about crystal beads for jewelry making one by one:

1) Bicone Beads: These small pieces are perfect when you want to add something shiny to your designs. These faceted beads reflect a large amount of light which makes them more beautiful and shimmery. They are perfect for the embellishment of garments and various lifestyle items. You can find Swarovski Crystal Bicone beads online at wholesale prices on


2) Disco Ball Shambhala Beads: These disco beads are made with clay and has crystal chatons embedded in them. These balls beads are available in various lovely colors like green, blue, white, gold, etc. You can easily make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry items with them. You can easily wear jewelry made with them with any outfit.


3) Rondelle Beads: These tiny beads have a beautiful shine. They can be used in for embroidery, as well as jewelry making. You can use them as spacer beads too while making any jewelry piece. I am sure you are going to love how these will transform the overall look of your project. These are available in beautiful colors and will surely provide uniqueness to your designs.


4) Cone Beads: These cone beads are perfect for stringing and making jewelry with charms. These beautiful pieces can be easily changed into charms. All you need is some headpins and pliers. You can easily add these charms to any jewelry item with jump rings.


5) Briolette Beads: These pear shape beads are small and alluring beads that can be used for adoring garments and making jewelry items. You can easily add these to any design. These will make sure that your design turn out to be as beautiful as you imagined them to be.


6) Rectangle Tube Beads: These lovely beads are available in so many beautiful colors and finish. These fire polished beads can easily change the whole game for your project. If you are someone who loves to experiment with your jewelry designs then I would highly recommend you try these lovely beads. These are perfect beads for jewelry making.


So, this was all about various types of crystal beads online at wholesale prices on

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