Gimp Wires and Stiff Wires Online for Sale

Gimp wires are embroidery wire that are particularly used for doing surface embroidery on wedding and couture wears. These wires are tightly coiled and are very stiff. Their main purpose is to make design stand out by out by outlining the design.


They are primarily used for outlining the design and make the design more refined. Their intricate work can also be seen in handmade appliqués of military and armed forces. Their lovely work can mesmerize anyone.

So, the question is where you can buy stiff wire for embroidery?


Well, as stiff wire originated in India, you can get it directly from Indian manufacturer and supplier who supply the best quality of stiff wire for embroidery. You can find various beautiful colors in metallic wire like gold, black, silver, red, green and more. They are available in two sizes 1MM and 1.25MM.

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