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These days internet is filled with DIY ideas that you might attract your attention but sometimes gathering the craft supplies that are used for implementing these ideas can get a bit worrisome. So, I want to draw your attention towards a best craft supplies shop online i.e. Here, you can find numerous multipurpose DIY craft material that can make your projects easy and effortless. Let’s find out what you get from this shop.

1) Pom PomThese multi color pom pom balls can add newness to anything. They can be easily used for making garland, wall hanging and other beautiful home décor items. There use is not limited to crafts only. You can find them tops, baby wear, footwear, bags, etc. So, don’t wait and add these now to your collection.


2) TasselsThese beautiful fringes can accent any project. From tops, dupatta, to home décor, you can use them anywhere. They are available in many beautiful colors and sizes. So, you can easily find the tassels as per your requirement.


3) Sea ShellsThese are one craft supply that is really versatile, you can find in so many different shapes and patterns. They open a wide range of possibilities to experiment with. The cowry shells available can be used for the embellishment of garments, footwear, home décor, jewelry making, crafts etc. They are must-have for every craft lover.


4) Thread RingsThese colorful rings are prominently used in crafting. However, you can find their major use in embroidery and jewelry making too. They can make any design charming. So, next time if you are planning to make something new and unique, try using these thread rings.


5) Ribbon Flower: When it comes to making hair accessories or embellishing baby wears, these ribbon flowers or fabric flower are the first choice. They can easily add definition to any project in no time.


6Craft MirrorThese are beautiful pieces that can transform the overall design of the craft project. They are fundamentally used in Rajasthani and Gujarati embroidery work. You can also see their use in jewelry too.


7) Craft BeadsThese colorful pieces can be the perfect addition to your craft project.


These are a few craft supplies that are must-have for every craft lover.

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