The new feat in DIY Roof Coating- How to apply & make things work for your RV.

Bridgeport, Connecticut- October 22nd, 2019 – One of the areas that tend to receive little attention until something goes wrong is the roof. Just as with any vehicle, the roof of your RV is vulnerable to scratches, wear and tear, and even leaks. Water leaks are the most annoying as they can damage the underlying roof deck and ceiling with letting you know. But don’t worry there is a reliable solution in form of RV roof coating and good thing is that most roof coatings now come as DIY it can be applied easily all by yourself.

“Regular maintenance using DIY RV roof coating can make the difference between a reliable camper and a major money sink.”

Now one question that is popping up in your mind is “how to apply RV roof coating. It’s extremely easy, all you need set of handy tools and the will to do the job done.

First you need to clean the roof. A light power wash is all you need to clean the roof, if power wash is not available make use of mild detergent or a quality degreaser with bristle brush to remove any oil residues. Look for minor cracks or separations in the seams or joints and caulk these areas as needed. Once the roof is clean and dry apply the RV roof coating using nap rollers for flat areas and paint brushes for corners and hard to reach areas. When the coating dries out any brush or roller marks will vanish away and one will have a seamless coating waiting for you.

Initially the job looks frustrating but when you the desired results the job will look as easy and satisfying. So why wait for the roof problems to get bigger, give your RV the enduring protection using RV roof coating.


RV Roof Magic is specially formulated coating for RV’s Trailers and Mobile homes that demand a highly flexible material as RV enthusiast travel throughout the year. It’s a highly flexible Aliphatic with a 77% volume solids and tensile strength 600 PSI. With over a 15-year history of success RV Roof Magic has helped thousands RV enthusiast get a new roof for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

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