Bugle Beads Online at Reasonable Prices

Bugle beads are beautiful beads that are available in so many varieties. They can make your embroidery, beading and jewelry making project much more interesting. In this blog, we are going discuss about various types of glass bugle beads available online on embroiderymaterial.com:

MGB Beads: These glass beads are available in 3mm size. They look like delica beads but are longer than them. They are available in various beautiful colors and finishes. You are going to love how these beads will transform your embroidery and jewelry designs. You can easily buy them online at wholesale prices in India and worldwide on embroiderymaterial.com


Miyuki Beads: These glass beads are also available in 3mm size. These Japanese beads are highly consistent in color, size and finish. These are perfect for precise work as they can make your work look much more interesting.


Preciosa Beads: These are also perfect for jewelry making. Find these in gorgeous colors online only at embroiderymaterial.com.

Indian Beads: These nalki beads come in various shapes and sizes. Let’s explore them one by one:

1. Tube BeadsThey are perfect when you want to mix and match them with other beads.

2. Gear Shape Beads: These beads are in the shape of gear. You will find them in various different colors. They are perfect beads for jewelry making. You are going to love how these will transform your jewelry designs.

3. Twisted Pipe Beads: These will provide unique look to your designs. You can add fringe look to your designs with them.

4. Long Pipe Beads: These are really long beads that are perfect for making bead laces and fringe jewelry items.

5. Square Beads:  These you can easily mix and match with different beads while making jewelry items like bracelets, necklaces and anklets.

This was all about various types of glass bugle beads online at wholesale prices at embroiderymaterial.com. Please let me know in the comments below which brand is your favorite and where you are going to use them.