Multi Color Glass Seed Beads Online

Seed beads are small beads that have a hole in the centre. They are round in shape, made of glass and are smooth to touch. The shape of these beads is like plant seeds, hence the name. In India, they are known as Moti.

Uses of Seed Beads

They are used to embellish apparels, purses, footwear, bags and craft projects. They are also used in designing fashion accessories and making jewellery. They are the most widely used beading material since ages. Earlier, they used to come in simple finish but nowadays they are available in countless colors, finishes and sizes. They are perfect beads of jewelry making.

Popular Brand

Miyuki and Preciosa are the most popular brands. They offer high consistency in color, shape, size, and finish. Miyuki Beads and Preciosa Beads are used by designers all over the world. You can also find Indian Beads which are a bit uneven in size but can surely help you to achieve boho look.


Most popular color in Seed Beads

Most popular colors in seed beads are gold and silver. At, you can explore them in hues like pink, blue, peach, white, cream, yellow, green, orange, gold, silver, brown, black, gunmetal, purple, fuchsia, red, lemon yellow and much more. The main attractions in are double color beads. They are popularly used in making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets and other fashion accessories. Gold and silver color seed beads are for sale.


Beautiful Finishes in Seed Beads

At, you can explore seed beads alluring finishes like lustre, iris, opaque, ab, transparent, opaque lustre, inside color, glazed lustre, silverline and transparent lustre.

Lustre Finish beads have an amazing shine and these glossy beads are perfect for adding glamour in your designs.

Silverline Finish beads have an amazing silver color coating on the walls of the hole. Add these beauties in your designs to get a splashy look.

Inside Color beads have solid color on the walls of the hole of bead. These beautiful glass beads have transparent outer surface and the color inside gives the beads a mesmerising look. If you are looking for something unique to add in your designs then this would be your right choice.

You can buy these seed beads at wholesale prices from your favourite online bead store.


Explore other beading supplies

You can also find other beads like ceramic beads, crystal beads, delica beads, faceted round beads, faceted briolette beads, natural stone beads and metal beads at best bead store and this bead store is the largest supplier of seed beads at wholesale prices.