Applique & Patches Online Sale

One thing that can easily add touch glamour to your designs would be Appliques Patches. They come in all different sizes and that you can easily choose the one you want without any issue. They are a quick and most effective way to add dimension to your designs. With them, you can add a traditional touch to your designs. So, let’s explore various types of appliqués and patches you can find online:

1) Sequins FlowerThese beautiful patches are handcrafted with love. Sequins flower are made of sequins, beads, and rhinestones. Properties like easy to use, easy to sew make them even more likable. They come in various patterns and sizes. Just sewing them on dupatta, saree, suit, gown or any other dress can elevate the level of your design. These pieces are full of color and vividness which will add beauty and charm to your outfit. You can also use them in crafting and adorning lifestyle items.


2) Embroidered Patches: These beautiful embroidered appliqués patches come in various patterns that can make your designs interesting. You can find flower embroidered patches online, butterfly patches, and neckline appliqué patches online These are perfect go-to when you are looking for something traditional to add to your designs.


3) Gota FlowerGota flowers are perfect to add shine and shimmer to any design. They are popularly used for making floral jewelry for mehendi, haldi and other wedding ceremonies. They are light in weight so the jewelry made with these are easy to wear and easy to carry without any hassle.


4) Gota PattiThese small appliqués are beautiful pieces that are used mainly for embellishing dresses. They add a gorgeous definition to any design. It can be easily sewn on any fabric. Available in various beautiful color, textures, shapes, and sizes, they can surely make your designs stand out.

So, this was all about appliqués and patches. You can buy these online at wholesale prices at best appliques patches online store.