Wholesale Crystal Beads at Online Bead Store

When it comes to beaded jewelry there are a whole lot of beads that you can use for making your jewelry item. However, there are some beautiful crystal beads that will always make your jewelry stand out. So, let’s discuss them one by one:

1) Bicone Beads: These beautiful beads are in shape of a bicone and have a beautiful faceted surface. They are perfect for both embroidery and jewelry making. They can totally transform your designs and make them look extremely beautiful. Bicone Swarovski beads are premium quality beads that can make your designs thrive. They are cut in a way that they reflect large amount of light which makes me extremely shiny. I am sure you are going to love how these beads which make your designs look. These are one perfect beads for jewelry making.


2) Cone Beads: These are pretty lovely beads and come in a shape of cone. They can be used like this or you can add them to head pins and get lovely crystal charms. These charms can be added to any jewelry items like necklace, anklets, bracelets or more with the help of jump rings. So, get your hands on these beads.


3) Disco Ball Beads:These gorgeous beads are made with clay and have small crystal chatons embedded on them. These round beads come in gorgeous colors and can make your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings shine. You are going to love how they will enhance your overall look.


4) Rondelle Beads: These faceted beads have an amazing shine. They can surely make your embroidery and jewelry designs stand out. They are really tiny and can be used as spacer beads while making jewelry items. They are must-haves as they can be used for doing various craft projects.


6) Rectangle Tube Beads: These rectangle tube beads can add so much definition to your design. They are ideal for making jewelry items like bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklace. You are going to love the uniqueness they will provide to your design. These are perfect beads for jewelry making.


5) Briolette Beads: These are pear shape beads and are really small in size. They have a length-wise drilled holes that makes it easy to use in any necklace, bracelet, anklet or any other jewelry item. They can also be used as charm, all you need is head pins and a pliers.


So, this was all of crystal beads that are perfect for embroidery and jewelry making. You can buy these crystal beads online at best bead store at wholesale prices. Please do let me know in the comments below which bead you like the most and what you are going to make with it.