Delica Beads/Cutdana Online

If you are looking for a bead that is perfect for precise embroidery and jewelry work then this article is for you. There are many beads that are used for doing precise work. However, delica beads is the one that stands out. First, let’s know what delica bead is. Delica Beads are small glass beads that have a tube shape. They most have a hexagon cut which gives them added shine. They come in various beautiful colors and gorgeous finishes which is going to make your designs even more beautiful. Whether it is an embroidery, craft or jewelry project, you can use them for all. They come in handy for beaders. Available in various sizes, they give you opportunity to mix and match and let your imagination go wild. In India, these beautiful beads are famous as Cutdana. They come in different brand so sometimes it gets a little confusing to choose the best for your project. So, let’s discuss about various brands of Delica Beads and difference among them. Let’s get started.


1) Miyuki Delica:

Miyuki Beads are one of the most premium quality beads of all. They come in beautiful hexagon shape and are all even in size. These Japanese hexagon tube beads are highly consistent in size, shape and color. They are first choice of designer because of their uniformity and consistency. Available in various gorgeous colors and beautiful finishes, they can surely make your designs phenomenal. They are perfect for doing embroidery, crafting, and beading. Also, they are one of the most perfect beads for jewelry making.



2) Toho Hex 2 Cut:

These are other premium quality Japanese beads. Toho beads are highly consistent in shape, color, size and finish. You can find them in beautiful colors and gorgeous finishes. They are known for giving professional look to designs; hence they are loved by designers. These are the most uniform beads of all and are used for making high fashion jewelry items and couture embroidery work.



3) MGB 2 Cut:

These are also premium quality beads with high consistency in color size and finish. MGB beads are also known for giving professional look to designs. These are perfect beads for jewelry making. You are going to love how they will make your designs look. They come in alluring colors and finishes which will give your designs definition and professional look.



4) Indian Delica Beads

These indian beads are wholesale beads which are available in numerous colors. If you are not concerned with uniformity then these beads are for you. You can easily mix and match them to create chic jewelry items. Available in various colors these lovely beads gives you a lot of possibilities to experiment and explore.


So, this was all about the various brands of Delica Beads that can get online on your favorite bead store. They are come in various sizes ranging from 15/0 to 11/0.