20 sweet ways to show your love



Most of the time a small gesture can express your care and love, the key is that you must be careful.

This list highlights 20 quick and sweet ways to show love for your partner whom you appreciate and adore.

1.Call your partner or send them an e-mail mid-afternoon and ask them how their day is going. Then listen.

2.Write your partner a list of all the reasons you love them and all the things you appreciate them for.

3.Help with the chores or a project.

4.Tell your partner you love them…often! We cannot hear it enough.

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5.Be truly present when you two are together.

6.Write your partner a love note reminding them about the day you fell in love with them.

7.Make time for your partner every day.

8.Initiate daily meditation with one another or read a devotional each night together and talk about what it means to you.

9.Snuggle together when the alarm goes off in the morning.

10.Compliment your partner to your friends and family…in front of them.

11.Plan a special date night each week. Maybe switch off who picks the place.

12.Laugh together!

13.ALWAYS be willing to have the conversation if something is not going right. Burying pain or unhappiness only mounts and will chip away at a strong bond between a couple.

14.Plan a surprise romantic evening for the two of you.

15.Send an unexpected sexy text in the middle of the day.

16.Tuck a love note/card in their briefcase or handbag.

17.Take the time to discuss your day and life with your partner each day. Connection is so important.

18.Make your partner your top priority in life. Go out of your way to let them know they are the most important person in the world to you.

19.Go to bed at the same time with your partner for a week; just talk or read a book and share the quietness together.

20.Hug and kiss every morning before leaving the house. Research indicates that marriages that practice this simple discipline are much healthier than those that don’t.


At any time can easily do things must be done, can do things must be done to the extreme, to maintain a good relationship is to constantly manage.

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