Are Jersey Milk Cows More Efficient ?

Are Jersey Milk Cows More Efficient ?

Feed as the Highest cost , accounting for between 52 and 58 percent of the total Milk production cost , and feed conversion efficiency is a valuable indicator for assessing profitability .

In addition to milk production and the use of dry matter (DMI) , other factors such as genetics , race , age , lactation , pregnancy status , body weight , body weight changes and body size affect this indicator.

scientists at the Cornell University believe that improvements in nutrient uptake , storage needs , and the potential for metabolism of energy to produce nutrient .

Recent reports show that Jersey cows have some anatomical or physiological Benefits Compared to Holstein cows .

Also research using computer models by the Washington State University states that when the two Jersey and Holstein breeds are in the comfort of the temperature range , cow’s milk needs 20 percent less feed to produce the same amount of cheese then the Holstein .

Researchers from the Washington State University have argued that Jersey’s cows are more productive than the Holstein in terms of weight loss and higher fat percentages and higher protein intakes.


Resource : Feed Additives Company