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Are you searching for a perfect bead for your jewelry making project and want to add beauty to your designs then you are at the right place. There are so many varieties of beads available that it becomes really difficult to choose the right one that will perfectly fit the design. I am going to talk only about beads for jewelry making and beads for beading. These beads can be amazing when used for various items like necklaces, anklets and bracelets. So, let’s explore them one by one:

1) Spacer beadsThese beautiful beads are perfect when you want to highlight your focal bead or fill in the spaces between your designs. They can come extremely handy when you want to lengthen your design or you want to add a bead that is unique enough to catch anyone’s attention.


2) Pearls: Pearls are another most perfect bead for jewelry making. You can find both glass pearls and crystal pearls at pearls online store. They are perfect for making jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.


3) Crystal BeadsThis section comprises of a wide collection of beautiful beads that are used for adding texture to your jewelry design. From Swarovski Bicone beads to crystal rondelle beads, you can find them various lovely colors and shapes.


4) Seed Beads: These small glass beads look like a little drop of heaven and can be used for making lovely patterns and stylish designs. They are available by various brands like Miyuki and Preciosa.


5) Delica BeadsThese are small tubular beads that can make your designs outstanding. You can easily use them in your jewelry designs. They can surely make your designs charming. They are available in various brands like Miyuki, Preciosa, and Toho.


6) Bugle BeadsThese beads come in various different shapes and sizes. They can be used in many different ways for adding definition to your designs. They are available in Miyuki and MGB brand.


7) Jasper Beads: These are the most beautiful patterned beads. They are derived from Jasper gemstone and can be used for making necklaces and bracelets.


8) Ceramic Beads: These are another set of beads that are perfect for making colorful jewelry items. You can find multi color beads in different shapes.


9) Natural Stone BeadsWell, in this category you will find beads in a very different pattern and shapes. They are perfect if you want give a bohemian look to your jewelry designs.


10) Peanut and Superduo Beads: Superduo beads have two holes can be used for making unique jewelry items. Peanut beads are in the shape of a peanut and when used together they form a beautiful interlinking pattern that can surely give your designs a new look.

So, this was all about various beads for jewelry making. You can buy all type of beads from best online bead store. I hope now you will be able to choose the right bead for your design. Let me know in the comments below which bead you like the most and where you are going to use it.