Social Media

The way people communicate with each other has changed dramatically over the last decades. More and more people communicate online instead of live communication. Thus, it can be said that humanity has reached the new era of Internet communication when one does not need to be physically present to hear or speak to others. People use Skype, which allows them to see others who can be thousand miles away from them. They also use social media a lot in order to stay connected. Thus, social media become a tool which allows people to interact with each other and also make new acquaintances. People find new friends and get more contacts thanks to social media. It is also useful while exchanging information. Social networks allow non-stop access to information, and they let the user post something about oneself, as well. This way, he or she can attract others to the information one finds relevant. Many people also use social media to talk to people from countries all over the world in order to learn a new language. Thus, it can be said that social media became a huge part of people’s lives. It is hard to find a person nowadays who does not have an account in Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. The rate of active social media users is the highest among young people under the age of twenty five. It is obvious that such websites have many benefits, but they can also affect people in a negative way.

Hence, there are certain factors which show that social media influence people negatively. For example, social media had changed people’s behavior greatly and not in a good way. For example, many blame Twitter, Facebook and other websites for turning their users into depressed and lonely individuals who hardly communicate with each other live. They have forgotten about real-life communication because they communicate online only. Thus, people forgot about face-to-face communication and replaced it with chats on social networks. Psychologists believe that such communication made people get a specific type of depression. Such depression leads to many negative consequences. For example, people become less active and enthusiastic, and they communicate less with others to the point of isolating themselves. Therefore, people isolate themselves from society and may lose contacts with the “real world”. They stay connected only on social media websites but pay no attention to the outside world. People may communicate only with social media users and neglect others who do not use these websites.

Another negative aspect of social media is the security issue. People often post important or private information, which may be used against them. Strangers may look at users’ pages, which is also quite dangerous. The information people post on social media websites can be quite revealing, and they would not normally give it during live conversations. That is the reason it is crucial to keep in mind safety issues and watch what one posts and the possible consequences of such posts.

On the other hand, there are many positive aspects of social media, and they were stated above and will be expanded further. For example, they enable long distance relationships. People who cannot see each other may communicate via social media and keep in touch over long distances.

Another positive aspect of social media is the ability to find friends and acquaintances who share similar interests. People may join certain groups that unite users with hobbies and interesting activities. Users may also communicate with people whom they would not be able to meet in real life, such as celebrities. For example, they may ask their favorite writers or singers about their works directly thanks to social media. Such possibilities are especially appreciated by shy people who have a hard time talking to people in person. Thus, people who have difficulties making friends in “real life” can find many friends online. This way, they will be able to socialize and build up healthy relations with people who are interesting to them.

Social media allow people express themselves. They can post things and ideas which they may be afraid to say aloud. People are often afraid to be criticized and can even become conformists because of such fears. Therefore, social media solve this problem giving people a platform to express their thoughts. Social media can also help people improve social skills. Social media also helps people improving their self-esteem and makes them more confident and relaxed.

Another positive aspect of social media is the ability to keep track of the newest information all the time. People find out things in the quickest manner thanks to social media where all sorts of information can be found. Thus, people can search news from ****** to local. Thanks to social media, users have a calendar of events which are important and relevant, and they do not have to spend a lot of time searching for such information.

Another great thing about social media is the ability to use it for education. Teachers and students can use it in order to exchange information regarding classes and to simply keep updating daily news. Thus, it develops cooperation and links education process together.

Thanks to social media people have created a new generation of unbiased free thinkers who can interact with anybody all over the world in order to share experience and knowledge, as well as learn something new about other cultures. In such a way, social media allow turning the world into a place where no one is separated or isolated from others.

In the end, it would be important to emphasize on the most important things about social media. It has some negative effects on people because it may put a pressure on them and reduce the amount of time they spend outdoors talking and communicating with others. On the contrary, there are also many benefits for people using social media. They may become more confident, find new friends and share their ideas and interests with others. They may use social media for education and learning, as well as communicate with people far away. Social media are tools of informing society which is why people should use its benefits wisely.

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