Wholesale Prices Bugle Beads/Nalki Online

If you love to fringes in your embroidery or jewelry designs then you are at the right place. Bugle beads have been used in jewelry and embroidery for a very long time. Fringe lace made with these beads is always the first choice of designers. In this blog, I will share with you various types of bugle beads available online and where you can use them:

(1) Twisted Beads: When it comes to fringe jewelry twisted bugle beads are the most loved beads among all. They can be used for giving fringes effect to any design be it a craft, jewelry or embroidery design. They have an amazing shine as they can reflect light at various angles. These Indian beads are available in various sizes and you will find them fascinating enough to use in your designs.


(2) Small Bugle Beads: Generally, these are of 3mm size and are perfectly suited for doing precise embroidery work. You can see them used for making flower buds in embroidery projects. The jewelry items like earrings and necklace made with them are also beautiful. They are available in so many gorgeous colors and lovely finishes.

You can also find Miyuki and MGB tube beads in 3mm size.


(3) Round Pipe Beads: These are available in various sizes and vivid colors. They are perfect for crafting, jewelry making, and embroidery. They can also be used for giving your designs a fringe look just like twisted beads. However, they aren’t as shiny as them. If you want a subtle look, they would be a perfect beads for jewelry making and will give your designs the look you want.


(4) Gear Shape Beads: These are another set of beads that can add definition to your designs. They would be a perfect addition to your jewelry beads collection. Available in various lovely colors, these can be mixed and matched with other beads to create magical designs. They aren’t just going to make your designs shine but also add more charm and style.

If you are wondering where you can buy these beads then you can buy wholesale beads at best online bead store.