Unveiling The Most Favorite SEO Tool – Secret Of Our Top Google Rank

Summary: Every business dreams about having a higher rank on Google so as we. It requires ample knowledge of handling off-page and on-page promotional activities. Thankfully, we have adopted so many SEO tools to get this done professionally.

July 2019 – India – Every year, Google makes changes in approx 500 algorithms to make SEO professionals aware of the search engine development modifications. We know the basic SEO steps to follow and apply the changes to the website. But consequently, we rely on a few SEO tools that we consider the backbone, which leads our business’ SEO process.

The best SEO tools that we adopted are –

  • Google Analytics
  • SEMRush
  • Moz
  • Alexa
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Planner

The above-mentioned tools can be considered as a go-to collection of the most trusted SEO tools that are globally known to providing brands the quality traffic, higher rank, reputation and revenue. Our SEO professionals decided to use these tools after an in-depth review and analysis. They conducted such analysis to make themselves confident that they are choosing the right mediums to proceed with their website’s SEO activities. And, we are pleased to announce that their selection for the SEO tools is always up to the mark.

If we talk about a single and the most favorite SEO tool, which is influencing our regular in-house SEO activities, we will name SEMRush for sure. The tool is really a life-saver and helps us find answers to many SEO related aspects. We are living in a time when excellent SEO can pull a website out from buried locations. SEMRush assists us in making all our paths easier with its wonderful optimization techniques.

For many years, our SEO professionals have been using SEMRush, a feature-packed SEO tool to resolve complex website analysis issues. Basically, it’s an advanced, functionally-rich and versatile tool, which we utilize to make our website robust and at par with Google ranking standards. The beauty of SEMRush is that it can be productively used for any number of websites or promotional campaigns. That’s why we use SEMRush to make our websites’ and SEO campaigns successful.

Walk through the benefits & services we avail by using SEMRush as our all-purpose SEO tool –

  • Comprehend Website’s Current Success

Going to the SEMRush and entering our domain name there displays a generic traffic overview screen which tells us everything about our progress on the traffic board. It also gives our professionals an insight into the search results we’re getting for both paid and non-paid campaigns. This is how we reach to the conclusion regarding the progress of our in-house or client paid campaigns.

  • Discover New Keyword Opportunities

Whenever you click to a keyword in an ongoing content, it takes you to some other relevant information. SEMRush helps us find the right and relevant keywords for our web pages, ad campaigns and other promotional activities. It creates a chain, which ends up providing our readers with the right information to their queries. You can see how SEMRush works in getting you the competitive keywords and phrases for your content.

  • Know Tough Market Competitors

There are hundreds and thousands of blogs that ranked up over Google. While many are still struggling to get organic traffic for their blogs. A few of our blogs are also in the top list of Google searches due to our smart SEP practices and active usage of SEMRush. This is the best SEO tool with a feature, which lets our professionals have a look at the competitors blogs and other content which is attracting quality traffic. Again, it helps us get the most suited idea of what we can do with our blog or web content to make it visible and compelling for the users. All this can be done by getting an insight into the competitors content strategy.

  • Get Excellent Advertising Opportunities

Making money by affiliating advertisements to the blogs or web pages is the best trick one can adapt to get higher traffic. And, when a blogger or website owner embraces Google AdWords for advertising, he/she is actually paying too much money to get genuine traffic. What if you get to know the companies you can earn money from with the help of paid campaigns? We use SEMRush in this case! It helps us have a look at all the keywords displayed on the chart and identifies the companies that run frequent paid campaigns and unhesitatingly paying for these keywords.

  • Track Record Of Existing & Current Ranking

We just love this feature as it offers us the facility to track the past and existing ranking status. Our SEO experts use SEMRush on a regular basis and make themselves updated regarding each aspect of their running campaign, website or different other promotional activities.


We are into digital marketing domain for more than 11 years assuring our clients to deliver the finest quality marketing results for their projects. Our professionals believe in preventing something rather than curing. Therefore, they rely on SEMRush to get results for anything related to the projects promotional activities. These days, SEMRush is completely transforming the face of how companies are strategizing their SEO activities. It’s accessible to all and most importantly easy to use. Get it if you want to make yourself updated in terms of your website’s SEO aspects.