Crystal Beads at Wholesale Prices at Best Bead Store

I am discussing about the best jewelry beads that can help you to incorporate a new style and look into your designs. You must be familiar with these crystal beads. Aren’t they gorgeous? These fire polished beads are beautiful and the most used beads for jewelry making but there is a catch here, these beads can be used like regular beads or they can be used as a charm.

Who doesn’t love charms? They are the most beautiful and amazing pieces that can be added to jewelry but you may ask why you need to make charms when they are available for sale. Well! The thing is these crystal charms look way cute and crystal in charms can you that shiny and glamorous look. Don’t believe me, check out these cute pictures.



The best thing is you can easily make them yourself with some ball or head pins. All you have to do is take a bead and put it into the headpin. Now, take the other end of the headpin and make a loop with the help of Round Nose Pliers and your cute little charm is ready.

Necklace, Bracelets, Anklets, and Earrings made with this jewelry making materials always stand out. Now, let’s explore the various shapes that are available in:

(1) Bicone Beads: These faceted beads are in the shape of a bicone. They are multifaceted hence have a beautiful shine. Available in various gorgeous colors these little pieces are going to give your designs a glamorous look. You can also buy bicone Swarovski beads at best prices only at your own favorite bead shop.


They are used by renowned fashion designers in their creations as they provide a shimmery-yet-classy look. They can be a total game changer and make your designs look more graceful.


(2) Disco Crystal Balls Beads: These beautiful Shambhala Beads or crystal balls beads are clay beads that have crystal chatons embedded on them. They are available in beautiful colors and are mostly used for making bracelets.


(3) Rondelle Beads: These little beads are perfect for making. However, they can also be used for embellishing dresses. Their specialty is their beautiful shape that makes it even more likable.



(4) Briolette Beads: These pear-shaped beads help you enhance your embroidery as well as jewelry making experience. You can buy these beads at wholesale prices from best bead store.



(5) Cone and Rectangle Beads: These are other beautiful beads that can add a lovely twist to your jewelry design. They especially look really beautiful when used as a charm. Black crystal beads are first choice of jewelry designers.



So, this was all about the crystal beads. Please let me know in the comments below where you are going to use them and what you are going to make with them.