chatpersian and persian chat history

The chat room or chat room is referred to as a virtual space on the Internet, with individuals and / or members of any community with any culture and customs, and the level of literacy under the rules of chat rooms. And humanitarian and chat conversations are gathered in it and chat in chat rooms in chat rooms in the virtual spaces called chat rooms, and they chat, entertain and spend their leisure time in Chatroum.

Dialogue in chat rooms by sending messages and emoticons for chat rooms or viewing photos and reading content inside members’ profiles, as well as chatting or chatting with chat members and saying that they are socially large or small and at the same time They are intimate and friendly

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Chat history

The first Internet and cybercult chat rooms were called Yahoo Messenger or Yahoo Chat, with which members could subscribe with each other only in the form of posting without emoticons in the new chat rooms. The chat rooms are so simple and far from the complexity and features of today’s chat rooms, but over time, new chat rooms opened their doors in the virtual space, leaving behind the old ostriches. In addition to sending the PIM, there are many other features, such as sending fixed and animated emoticons in chat rooms, Chatroot profile page, Can Offline Message, the ability to post content in the profile with the likes and disks, as well as voice chat and video chat, the ability to install stylish and beautiful templates on the chat room hosting and many other features that we see to this day. More new possibilities are added to the possibilities of chat rooms, and chat rooms are constantly upgrading their quality levels.

Persian Chat room

With the creation of new chat rooms, it’s possible for anyone to be able to own a chat room, which is called an admin, who seeks for admin as a chat manager to be a member of his chat room and chat room. Rome also raises itself on Google, usually with words like chat and chat, and also turns its chat room into a busy chat room, as well as to any member of the chat room, to the extent that he A special name is given to these grades: guest, member, special, active, senior, supervisor, golden, kind, special, superior, observer, supervisor, senior supervisor, deputy Late, management, etc., each given either by the admin of the chat room or by increasing the privilege of the chat room members.

Communication in chat

Chatroom is just a place for hobbies and spending time with friends and acquaintances and finding new friends, and connecting people with each other in the form of sending messages in chat rooms in text and emoticons and studying the contents of each other on the profile page of Chatroum and the likes and Diss Likes or comments, among which emoticons are one of the best and most effective way of communicating in chat rooms that almost everyone who is chatting is a fan of these emoticons.

Romantic emoticons

 Emoticons are a type of communication and are somehow the most interesting type of communication among chat room members, which can sometimes be expressed without any text and only by sending a smiley to their concept and purpose about a position or a particular state, as well as Emoticons in chat rooms are divided into two fixed and moving parts, each of which can in some way express the state of the members at the time of sending the emoticons with their messages, and can also be quite the opposite or someone out of habit Or interest in a particular emoticon, as well as a variety of emoticons in the chat room: smiley smiley, crying emoticons, emoticons of happiness, emoticons Sad, silent emoticons, angry emoticons, text emoticons, warning emoticons, smileys of animals, flower emoticons, greetings and goodbyes, and various other types, each of which is used to express the various modes of appearance or appearance of chat rooms. Have their own application

How to log in to chat

There are three ways to enter chat rooms: the first method is with words like chat and chat, and so on. After the chat, you will encounter a variety of chat rooms, by clicking on each one in chat rooms or You will enter the main address, in the second method, by typing the name and / or name of the chat room and clicking on the chat link you are entering into the chat room. In the third method, directly enter the chat address in your browser’s address bar, and you will be logged in to Chat.
Chat room care

Chatroom is a cybercafe, and members never know each other perfectly, chatroulette emoticons are so foolish in their simplicity that they are, and some people may have emotional messages and emoticons that are easy to wave He is trying to deceive others, so do not talk in the chat room and any other virtual space, and do not deceive the seemingly simple and emotional words and never give his private secrets and not his secret number and information. Do not let others, even watchers and chat executives, chat with you because you never even know the person in your account, with the words you’ve read and even never heard of. Do not completely understand. To protect from such individuals, respect the rules of the chat room and always listen to the observer’s remarks and if you see the violation, report the offender, so that you always have a good time with your friends. do

The benefits of Persian chat
Chatroom is a space suitable for Internet users to discuss multi-threaded webchat conversations without limitation. The same thing has caused the chat room