Open Math Contest attempts to wrest falling math grades of children in Canada

Standardized math test results are falling in most provinces, and the search for a definite solution has become a big ask for parents and educators. With an objective to address declining math grades and let children take proactive interest in the subject, a nation-wide Open Math Contest is being organized for students from Primary, Elementary & Middle School level during the months of May-June.

Open Math contest challenges students to solve 50 basic arithmetic calculations in 8 minutes without the help of any pen, paper, calculator or other devices. The objective of the contest is to let children develop competitive spirit, test their intellectual pursuits and ultimately take interest in math subject.

With assured gift coupons, certificate on participation and medals for winners, the contest is aimed to inspire children to take active steps towards developing their math proficiency and improve scores.

Here are some of the important facts.

  • In Ontario: According to EQAO data, only 49% students from Grade 6 and 61% from Grade 3 are meeting the provincial math standards. Both numbers have fallen steadily through the 2010s.
  • In Alberta: According to the recent annual PATs of Grade 9 students, only 59.2% students achieved acceptable standards in math, a 11.9 per cent decline in one year.
  • According to a report by Alberta Education, 50% of Grade 9 students passed a new calculator-free segment that requires students to solve through 20 questions in 20 minutes

The reasons for this steady decline in math grades include the introduction of discovery math, high usage of devices like calculator, students attitude towards math and skills & aptitude of math teachers to name a few.

Open Math Contest addresses these concerns as the participating students are required to mentally solve 50 math questions in 8 minutes without the help of any calculator. Gift coupons, certificates and medals inspire children to take keen interest in the subject.

The next rounds of Open Math Contest are scheduled in Alberta from 1st to 9th June 2019.


As a part of its community initiatives, UCMAS has organized Open Math Contest to make children take interest in Math and also address falling math grades in provinces across Canada.

UCMAS is the World’s leading Abacus & mental math program that develops brain power in children aged 4-13 years. Along with strengthening math skills, the UCMAS program enhances memory, concentration, creativity and problem-solving capabilities in children. UCMAS students have been found to be more confident, sharp and better skilled in school and extra-curricular activities. The US government funded scientific research by MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and UCSD was conducted and on UCMAS students, which indicated their enhanced brain development.

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