Reyaltec Launches Shared Linux Website Hosting for Small Websites at £4.99

Reyaltec, a domain name registration and site hosting company, has recently launched their Shared Linux Website hosting only at £4.99. Their endeavour is targeted at small businesses and aims to aid them in developing their websites.

24th May 2019, England: Reyaltec, an England based company, launched their Shared Linux Website hosting for smaller websites. This company kept its packages cost-effective at only £4.99 per month.

The company’s shared site hosting solution comes as the best step for small start-up companies and any individual rookie in this field. According to the CEO of this company, “Linux Web hosting is one of the emerging platforms in the site hosting realm, especially for all small business owners.”

Reyaltec, considered as one of the pioneers in this genre, is one of the first to launch this service. They believe that this launch will be extremely beneficial for all smaller websites like blogs, basic business websites, and hobby sites.

This organisation is already prominent in this industry due to its Windows hosting. This service helped them build a rooted clientele base that is extremely satisfied with the finesse of this hosting. The company promises to extend similar service in the field of Linux Operating system based website services too.

Additionally, they are offering multiple beneficial features in their package. This brand offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space of up to 20 GB. They also provide 24X7 customer support service.

It is in this regard that the brand manager of the company said, “Reyaltec believes in providing quality service to its clients. Hence, our customers have the provision to reach out to us at any point of the day.”

He also added, “Although Shared Linux Website hosting has just been launched, it has already been availed by thousands across the globe.”

Their cost-effective package also includes WordPress Optimization, SSD disk drives, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, and PHP 7.0-7.2.

This organisation is looking forward to achieving the same level of success with their Shared Linux site hosting as they did with their Windows hosting. According to them, this Linux operating system platform offers immense flexibility through the incorporation of multimedia applications, websites, blogs, etc. Additionally, the operating system’s reliability and simplicity should also be kept in focus.

Reyaltec’s Linux operating system based hosting service is an entry-level hosting system. It comes as the best platform for the 1st time low traffic website and aids in its growth in the future as it is easy to upgrade.

According to the Managing Director of this organisation, “Our Company also offers multiple numbers of added benefits with this hosting sharing service. These additional features include unlimited web pages, MariaDB databases, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited FTP accounts.”

This company’s expert team of engineers made sure that the Shared Linux Website hosting services provide their customers with easy to use and flexible control panel, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.