Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Learners


  1. Set Up The Plan:-

Setting a good enough plan, objectives, and goals are indications for what you actually want to start with your social media strategy. If you fail to plan properly then its unable to achieve your desired outputs. Unless you don’t set the plan you can’t measure or evolve your strategies over time. Your social media goals should align with your overall objectives and goals.

  1. Research and Study About Your Audience:-

Studying and Researching your audience is crucial in today’s digital marketing world if you want to gain more attraction with maximum outputs. But first you need to understand your target audience. You should be able to focus on their needs, wants, and desires then only you will be able in creating a successful social media strategy.

  1. Decide Suitable Social Media Platform:-

As a learner to social media you have to select one or two social media platforms and to make use of it. A nice way to find out which platform is best suited to your niche audience is to find the competitors and analyze where they post or which platforms they use for the business. For example, find out the competitors according to your niche audience and check out the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers etc.


  1. Optimize Your Social Media Platforms:-

Once you decide which social media platforms you going to use the next important step is to optimize all the profiles which you have created on platforms. By optimizing your profiles you improve your chances of getting more followers and it is also a good way to boost your SEO results.

Some general rules that should follow to all social sites are:

  • Use a genuine photo, showing your face; avoid spamming, fake photo using on Social media. People and if you want to have a trusted profile you need to maintain your profile page.
  • State a good description about yourself or your company mentions all the necessary details on your profile.
  • Include a link of your website


  1. Create Your Social Media Content As Per Platforms:-

Every content you post on social media should be designed in a proper manner according to respective platforms. If you’ve created it just to post something it will goes totally wrong.

Depending on the social network platforms you’re posting on you’ll need to design it as per each network.

Here are some examples:

  • LinkedIn:- A professional network platform perfect for B2B audiences. A content publishing and distribution platform.
  • Facebook:- Generally good for news/entertainment related content.
  • Instagram:- Perfect if your content is highly visual. Static images and short videos work incredibly well but it’s not as much useful for driving traffic to your blog.
  • Pinterest:- Just like Instagram, Pinterest is highly visual. Although it’s limited for static images, it can be highly effective at driving traffic back to your blog.

Once you know about all networks, you can able to focus on which ones you think will be useful to your business.

  1. Connect Website/Blog With Your Social Media Profiles:-

After the creation of social media profiles the next step is to connecting your website with your social media pages or profiles. A correct binding between the two means that improving ranking and trustworthiness as well. Besides connecting your website with the respective business pages on social media, you also need to add social media buttons to your website so that it will be helpful for sharing and maximizing your reach.

  1. Share Interesting Content For Engagement

It is important to share relevant and interesting content. that should give you an actively interaction along with engagement. It would be achievable when you focus on quality rather than quantity. Present yourself where you wanted to target provide them proper value and you will get the rewards of your work.

  1. Follow The Guidelines & Rules:-

Every Social media network have their rules to keep spammers away. For example, there is a limit on twitter on the number of people you can follow per day; Facebook has its own rules etc. so it may take some time to spread for that you need be patient by taking care about all rules and guidelines set by each network

  1. Use Keywords in Your Posts:-

Don’t underestimate the power effectiveness of keywords on social searching sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks its specific search query and word people are looking for, its helps in gaining or attracting the targeted audience by improving reach.

  1. Measure & Analyze Reports:-

To go long way with the social media marketing tip, you need to measure and analyze the results. If you start tracking your social media activity then it would be an easy task for you to make modifications in your strategy accordingly.