Luxury Real Estate Franchise John Taylor Establishes International Brand in Jávea within a Year

Jávea, Costa Blanca, Spain – While only a year has passed since John Taylor Luxury Real Estate made their presence known in the town of Jávea, already the company has their ****** brand recognized in the Jewel of Costa Blanca. Offering exceptional properties to an ever-increasing high profile clientele in and around Jávea, the franchise proves that they are willing to venture out and widen their portfolio of unique luxury properties in different parts of the globe.

John Taylor is a luxury real estate franchise specializing in the development, selling, and marketing of different types of luxury properties in various countries all over the world, including France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, and the United Arab Emirates, among others. Established back in 1864, John Taylor has over 150 years of experience in property sales and development. The brand provides luxury real estate solutions to a rapidly growing list of high-profile clientele and has even consulted for the British and French nobility, as well as celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Barclay, and Henry Fonda.

The luxury real estate franchise finds great potential in Jávea, with its unspoiled natural beauty, scenic landscapes, and a wide variety of activities offered. In just a year, John Taylor has already worked well with Jávea’s unique and inclusive atmosphere. The company works with the top local developers who follow strict local urban planning regulations in order to develop and market luxury properties that emphasize and harmonize with Jávea’s nature.

John Taylor Luxury Real Estate also encourages investors and potential buyers with Jávea’s property market potential, stating in their website:  that, “Jávea was among the first locations on the Costa Blanca to see a rebound in real estate prices. As far back as 2015, and according to Spain’s national statistical office, the average price of properties in Jávea rose by 4.2%..”


John Taylor Luxury Real Estate in Jávea

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