Best Yoga for Weight Loss

People have been more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The most recommended methods people can apply to achieve an ideal body shape is dieting and exercise. There are many types of exercises, which you can apply for weight loss including yoga. Yoga is well known for many functions to improve one’s health and to reduce body weight. In this case, you should be smart in choosing the best 12 yoga Pose for weight loss to make sure that weight reduction training, which you do, works optimally.

Best Yoga for Weight Loss

Basically, there are many types of yoga training. Here are some of the best yoga for weight loss. They include Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, Power, and Restorative yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

This type of yoga indeed becomes so much popular because of simplicity in training. People consider this exercise much less vigorous compared to any other types of yoga. It allows them to join the fast-paced yoga class. The characteristic of this yoga is the quick sequence. People will definitely love its salutations of sun. The benefit is to provide more sweat and to increase the rate of the heart. When visiting Vinyasa class, people will use the mat mostly. It is recommended to provide the better potential of calorie-blasting by combining this exercise with jogging, swimming, brisk walking, or cycling for at least two times a week.

Bikram Yoga

The second best yoga for weight loss and calorie burning is hot yoga or Bikram. The major benefits of Bikram yoga are to burn more calories and to improve heart rate. Bikram yoga classroom is usually set with high temperatures. This way, the participants can really take benefits from the supporting temperatures to help them getting better weight reduction. This type of weight-reduction yoga will help to normalize the appetite and getting rid of unhealthy foods and toxins within the body. Although it is not popular, many people love to do it since it is proved effective in some people.

Ashtanga Yoga

This type of yoga actually has some similarities with Vinyasa. They are related to a more vigorous and faster flow of the training. If you join this class, you will spend approximately 90 minutes of main training, in addition to training of constant movement between the postures. Ashtanga indeed requires both balance and strength. There are many sequences of postures within the classes. An instructor will help the participants to train better to trigger more calorie burning and faster weight loss. Next levels of training can be achieved when students master the first level. It is relatively popular among people who want to reduce their weight, especially to achieve ideal body weight, in a faster way.

Power Yoga

People recognize Power yoga as a unique training because there is no correlation at all with other branches of yoga. People usually apply it in a certain studio and gym. An instructor will train the participants to focus on doing workout training. Some of them also apply a calming and meditative experience. It is the combination of weight reduction yoga and self-calmness training. It improves the calorie burn as well as the ability to lift weights easier. Power yoga is also known with some other names, such as boot camp yoga, cardio yoga, and core yoga.

Restorative Yoga

There is another style of yoga, which people can apply, namely Restorative yoga. This is the most comfortable style because the participants do not need to apply hot or intense training for burning calories and reducing body weight. Restorative yoga can be applied to get maximum weight reduction possible. Because of simplicity in movement, it is the best yoga for weight loss for those who have busy activities and do not have much time for exercises.

Keys into success with weight-reduction yoga

After reviewing the best yoga for weight loss above, you can pick one, which you consider the best. Based on this reason, yoga can be the best option to apply for the sake of weight reduction. It is also beneficial for other purposes, including meditation, stress-relief, concentration, respiration training, and spiritual training. There are many different forms of yoga. You can choose one, which suits your needs and rhythm of training. You can try one after another to find one that works best for you.

More importantly, you need to combine yoga training with proper training. However good yoga is for your physical, mental, and spiritual health, even the best yoga for weight loss will be in vain if you do not modify your lifestyle and have a healthy diet and regular physical exercises. Weight gain is mostly the result of the wrong lifestyle; therefore, the most effective solution is a lifestyle change.