Unfortunately Application has Stopped on Android Error Fix

Many people experience unfortunately app has stopped unexpectedly error so often that they get irritated with it. Due to the same reason, they can’t properly use an application as they wish to. The error most probably shows up on budget devices. Even flagships as they age are prone to encounter this issue. Have you ever thought of resolving it? Well, we have!


There are multiple methods to solve this error. In order to stumble upon one that works out, you have to pick up your phone and start trying the solutions one by one. During our technical career, we came across many phones with this problem. Not a single solution couldn’t cure the issue in all the phones. Instead each phone’s issue got resolved with different solutions. That’s why it is important to try it out yourself.


Yeah, we get it! You still didn’t get the list of solutions, right? Don’t worry! Everything is listed on our website. You just have to detect the application you are facing problems with. Then, you can jump over to our site and choose the suitable article to get the solutions. Don’t get carried away by the myriad solutions. Just start from the first one and if it doesn’t work out, you can move on to the second one. Don’t just randomly ramble around through them.


Have you ever thought why this issue happens?


There are four major causes


  1. Insufficient storage


  1. No free memory


  1. Improper installation


  1. Not enough permissions


Of course, there may be other reasons too. But these are the major one that we found out. Given that our site welcomes everyone, you will see all the solutions there. One that works out for someone out there may not necessarily work for you. So, it’s an inevitable step for you to check it out. We have tried our best to demonstrate the process with the help of pictures. In case you still find yourself in bewilderment, you can leave a comment using the field on the bottom of the page. We will get back to you with the solution as early as possible.


One suggestion I have is install applications from PlayStore. If you have no other options other than external source, then overlook Google Play. As long as your preferred app is present on Play Store, go with it. For more visit https://unfortunatelystopped.com