Trioangle’s GoferEats – UberEats Clone Script Review


Food delivery business is one of the most trending and competitive businesses in the market. If you want to be successful in the business then, you are in need of the best technology to connect you with your business needs. That’s where Trioangle comes to play.

Trioangle is one of the top app development and mobile development company in the industry. They are well known for their clone scripts and mobile apps. But, is that worth buying UberEats Clone script from Trioangle?

Many have these questions in their mind and here are some key factors and true review about Trioangle’s UberEat Clone Script.


What is GoferEats?


GoferEats is an UberEats Clone which helps you start your own food delivery business. The GoferEats comes with 3 mobile apps and 4 web apps which helps you all sector of food ordering business.

Trioangle presents you with separate mobile apps and web apps for the driver, restaurant, and the eater. They also provide a separate web app for the admin to control the overall process. They provide you both iOS and Android apps.


Technologies Used:


Web Apps: The web app built with Laravel framework which helps you with customization. They also develop the web app with the latest technology like

  1. HTML5
  2. AngularJS
  3. CSS3.

Mobile App: The android apps are built with Java and iOS are developed using Swift.


What Does Trioangle Offer With UberEats Clone?


100% Source Code:

Trioangle offers you 100% source code based on the packages. Owning 100% source code will help you to customize the functionality of mobile as well as web apps.

Free Server Installation:

There is no need to worry about server installation as trioangle offers you free server installation after the purchase.

Free App Submission:

Trioangle will submit your app in both play store as well as in apple store for you. They take charge when the app is rejected and provides you full support until the app is submitted successfully.

Free Technical support:

Trioangle will provide you with full technical support in the mobile and web apps in the period of support time. They also provide bug free products and supports you if there is any.

24/7 Customer Support:

Trioangle provides customer support 24/7 in both online and offline mode. They support you with all your technical needs.


The mobile app and the web app are all designed to support customization. You can change your theme and design whenever you want. The UberEats clone script is fully white labeled and ready for your service.

Social Media Integration:

Using social media integration in your app, you can easily promote your app and website with ease. Trioangle provides you with full support in social media integration.

Design & Digital Marketing:

Trioangle is there to support you with both your design and digital marketing. They offer you separate packages for design and digital marketing which you can make use of.

Thus, with these features and technology, Trioangle provides you one of the best UberEats Clone scripts for your business needs. They also offer mobile as well as app development services.

If you want to take a deeper look in the GoferEats then, check out the demo link to know more. I hope this clone script will help you with a successful business.