What is Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA)?

In this article, we want to talk about Authority , what is Page Authority? What is Domain Authority? Does this mean that authority is the domain and authority of the page, or is it something else? How can we improve our website? What are the important criteria for determining the grade?

Page Authority What is Page Authority?

Page Authority is a benchmark for evaluating site rankings that, depending on criteria, measures a score of zero to one hundred points for your page. What is the meaning of Page Authority? How popular is your page on the Internet? This popularity is often determined by the content, user visit, and page publication number. In the following, we will discuss more about the criteria of Authority .

You should note that your Home Page score is different from other pages.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is exactly like Paige Authority, except that it only validates the domain’s credibility. Domain Authority also includes a score of zero to one hundred, often Domain Authority has a better score than Page.

The criterion of Attorney is determined by the site MOZ.com . The Authority criterion shows that a website with its own page can have a better position in search engines. Suppose you have a digital marketing page. You are looking for this word on the first page of the eighth link. If you want to get to a higher position, you should improve your page’s relevancy to the 7 links above. For this purpose, in this article, you should read the criteria for enhancing Authority.

Attorney today is considered a criterion for SEO by falsifying the weaknesses of its articles or pages than others, and by fixing them and getting a higher score, they can provide a better place for sites.

A few brief points about Authority

  • The site Authority is higher than Google is more popular and will have a better place to search.
  • Increasing the site’s worth is easy at first, and from 40 to the next, it will be very difficult and time consuming.
  • The main criterion for Attorney is to Domain Authority rather than Paige Authority, because each site’s home page is the most important page.
  • Authority is a score between 1 (the worst score) and 100 (the best score) is not worth the favor.
  • The Authority score is obtained by the algorithm that the Banana Company has provided.
  • The Authority score represents the power of the domain and the page to be used on the front pages of the search engines.
  • The higher the site is, the better your search on the first page.
  • Gaining scores from 10 to 30 is very normal.
  • Ranking from 40 to 50 is a good ranking, and ratings from 50 to 60 are excellent.
  • Rankings above 70 are fantastic.
  • You can refer to the link to the Moz Open Site Explorer link to check the site’s content, and see the attribute rating by clicking on the address.

Is the sense of authority the domain authority and authority of the page, or is it something else?

Google’s domain name and translation page is from Authority. Authority here means what you have done on your SEO site. In previous articles, we talked about how to do SEO, which included:

How you use the site’s SEO tool affects your academic score. If you choose the white hat SEO method, it may take longer to get a better score, but this score will be more stable and will put you in a very good position for a long time.

Domain and page authority can also mean the amount of Internet users’ attention to that domain and page. Now, explaining how we can upgrade our site? What are the important criteria in determining the accuracy score? Come along so that you can also make your site stronger with respect to the site’s Attorney.

How can we improve our website?

What are the important criteria for determining the grade?

The answer to these two questions is one. There are disagreements over the criteria that lead to an increase in the content of a site. We do not have all the criteria, here we just want to point out the main criteria so that you can work on these criteria to improve your site. Below are the most important ones:

Back to the site link

At this level, the links that are given to your domain will be examined. The benchmark for links is also based on the number of pages that you have been linked to, including the number of domains that have given you links. In general, the following links are important for Attorney:

  • Number of pages linking you to a domain
  • Number of domains that have given you links
  • Fallow or No-follow are the links that are given to your site
  • Authority pages and domains that have linked you (Moz Rank, Moz Trust)

Moz Rank and Moz Trust are the criteria for determining the quality of the site’s back links.

Tips for building a back links link can be found by studying the article by building a back link .

Site content

Content is one of the most important factors in SEO. You are content that attracts your contacts to your site and increases your site visit. Now, if the quality of your content is appropriate, users spend more time on your site and this factor (the length of time a user passes on your site) is one of the most important factors in SEO and Auditory.

Social networking signal

Google reports the amount of content posted on social networks to a user’s point of view. These releases make the search engines look more important. Bananas also use these signals to determine the perception of a page.

SEO site

Whether your site is SEO is affecting your rating. So try to optimize your site with a white hat technique to get the best possible result. Click on the site for more information.


Do not look for ways to fool Google and Bananas! Make a paper every day about your business and your business. Publish articles in various social networks. Try to create social work groups on social networks and invite your friends there and ask them to vote on the articles by publishing your site. Try to link to sites with Authority. Also, try to link back to sites that are also languages ​​with your site!