The Ear Depot Expands its Services to a Fourth Clinic

The Ear Depot has always strived to promote better hearing health by making professional hearing services easily available to all. For its continuous efforts to make conversation easier and provide a complete hearing health solution, the clinic was recently decorated with the “Consumers Choice Award”.

May, the Better Hearing Month comes with good news as the hearing aid clinic has taken another step towards its goals. To service their existing patients better and extend their services to a larger number of people, The Ear Depot has opened a fourth hearing aid clinic at Marmora.

The Ear Depot Clinic – Now at Marmora!
The Ear Depot acquired a local hearing clinic – “Best of Hearing Centre” on the 27th of November 2018. The Independent Clinic was based in two locations – Peterborough and Marmora. On being approached by the clinic’s owner for the purchase, Brenda Cowan, the owner of Ear Depot decided to acquire both locations of the clinic so that they could continue offering independent services.

Ecstatic about the new clinic, Brenda Cowan said, “We chose to accept the offer to Purchase from Sharon Canzi who owned Best of Hearing because it greatly increased our customer base and cemented our future as an Independent Hearing Aid clinic answering only to the clients, and not shareholders. She also chose us first to offer the purchase as she knew we excelled in customer service along with our clinical services.”

The Peterborough clinic of “Best of Hearing center” was transitioned to The Ear Depot’s Peterborough Clinic at 236, Parkhill Road (E). The Marmora Clinic located at 1, Madoc Street, Marmora, Ontario was kept intact with a change of name to the Ear Depot.

To smoothen the transition process for the clients, The Ear Depot sent out letters to the entire client base of ‘Best of Hearing Centre’, inviting them for a Meet & Greet. They were provided with a hearing screen and hearing aid maintenance, ensuring that all clients were up to specifications. The communication was taken very well by the clients who were all happy to be associated with The Ear Depot.

“We have grown immensely in the last few months not only by our acquisition but by the referrals of very happy clients. We have a great strategy in place for our new growth and welcome any new clients in Peterborough and Marmora. We also have longtime locations in Bancroft and Barry’s Bay where we welcome new clients as well.”

To know more about their new clinic and the hearing services offered by them, please visit The Ear Depot’s website

About The Ear Depot
The Ear Depot is a renowned hearing aid clinic based across four locations in Ontario – Barry’s Bay, Bancroft, Peterborough and the newest – Marmora. The clinic offers a complete hearing health solution ranging from hearing tests, tinnitus management and ear wax removal to Hearing aid fittings.

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