Why You Need Extra Chauffeur Insurance Coverage?

Most of the drivers driving limousine and chauffeur cars assume that their auto insurance has sufficient coverage. Nevertheless, when high end drivers routinely transport politicians or some celebrities, they require additional coverage.

Many times, chauffeur drivers optimize their policy by tailoring it to cover their liability when transporting politicians, celebrities and other high-profile passengers. At the time, when drivers purchase Chauffeur Insurance or private hire insurance policy, they’re required to request coverage especially for driving celebrities.

Extra Coverage:

According to a statement by Trade Plan Insurance on its website; “many high-profile insurers in the market suggest their broker not to entertain the carriage of celebrities”. Nevertheless, they don’t actually exclude them out of their policy or by endorsement else they just rely on the broker to pollicise this.

Depending on the risks involved, some insurers may decline to renew your policy. Insurers typically ask you about the nature of the passengers you carry. If you caught catering to high profile passengers having a history of violent behaviours or have been found in drug- related incidents, you would experience delays and hassle in getting coverage.

If you’re a driver, you must consider obtaining some speciality insurance policies such as; chauffeur driver insurance, hire & reward insurance, Executive vehicle insurance, Limousine insurance, Limo Insurance and chauffeur car insurance.

Speciality Insurance:

A chauffeur vehicle is generally more expensive compared to the regular cars. these vehicles require significant investment for the proprietor. Therefore, the insurance industry has devised programs that cater to higher level of coverage for executive drivers and celebrities.

Some drivers prefer to get insurance directly via insurance company website. Though they have clients on which they can get discount. Before buying insurance, you must be sure that chauffeur insurance coverage should be best suited to your company’s needs.

While purchasing speciality insurance, many chauffeurs usually select flexible payment options. Paying premium on monthly basis also let drivers to pay some extra cash in the case when some unforeseen events occur. When such events occur, time spent on searching speciality insurance can pay significant dividends.

Interior Add-Ons:

Similar policies include those that protect limousines and executive vehicles. These cars are typically more expensive than the average vehicles. Hence, they require customised liability coverage.

Usually, taxi drivers hire their vehicles from a cab company while many chauffeur drivers are independent contractors and own their transportation.

In addition to a significant investment in the lease or purchase of the limousine, drivers often pay thousands of dollars for interior effect such as; alcohol, leather fabric, entertainment systems etc. However, limousine drivers choose to get these items covered by their insurance companies.

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