Hallelujah! Globetrotting Was Never This Fun Nor So Affordable!

“In long days past, the entire world was our kingdom, an immense map without borders, and our legs were the only passport required”, Galeano talks about a world that once was! Today’s world is divided by boundaries and no doubt we must carry visa and passport. The next thing is money.

Privileged are the one who are endowed with enough wealth to afford Travelling to faraway places.  Yes, the fact is that travelling comes with expenses, takes planning and finding the wherewithal can be nerve whacking. Yet the best decision you can ever make is to leave your comfort zone for a while and explore the world that lies outside each of us, unexplored and untouched. Nonetheless there are tons and tons of reasons to convince for why you should indeed start packing your bags and hop on a plane.

Visiting a new place opens up new possibilities. After all, there are certain things about yourself, about others, and about life that you can only learn once you’ve lost yourself in a faraway place. Travel the world before it’s too late, goes the famous saying. You might need it for business purposes.

Travelling can affirm or bump you on the path you are on. Travelling disrupts our normal equation and allows us to mature. This is what Albert Camus suggested when he said that, “what gives value to travel is fear”, disruption is what is suggested at. Or in other words emancipation from circumstances we are stuck at. Travelling is a way to open up. Travelling brings a different experience altogether about the place we have heard about or have read it newspapers and magazines.

Give yourself the time and permission to get lost. Chuck your day to day schedule and be prepared to wonder and wander. Discover places that are missing from your maps besides adding them on your map to visit later on. Take a step ahead towards a memorable and unique journey.

Discover skills which you thought you never had. Embrace the magic of many lasting relationship with the people you meet on many untraded road, value new and refreshing perspective on things and cherish a nice time stamp in the dull happenings of your life. Say yes to an intimidating experience away from your comfort zone. Let’s travel!

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