Base Oil alternative – worth replacing or not

In last few years the use of bright stock has grown tremendously. The applications of bright stock are wide and this is the reason why the demand is high. To meet the demand each day many group I productions companies’ deals in producing just the same amount of bright stock which is required across the world in different segments. The demand is high and thus becomes essential to bring in the supply which could meet this demand. Even though different types of base stock are used in different applications but some of them like Base oil Sn600 restrict their usage to only some specific application and thus it must be made sure that the right supply of such stocks must go in right place.

It is strange that only group I production companies deals in production of bright stock and thus sometimes there is problem meeting the expected demand. Many a time’s industry shifts to production of group II and group III base oil as well and this deduct the manufacturing of group I or bright stock products. It is because of this reason less Bright stock are being produced globally.

Bring stock are high viscosity base oils the application of which is specific such that it is little difficult to define that whether some other alternative like Base oil sn150 can be used in this place or not. It is particularly one’s own choice that whether he/she should wait for the right production of the unit of bright stock or switch to some other available alternative because of the declining availability of group I base oil and that is bright stock.

Often paraffin molecules are used in that application where there is high need of bright stock but they are not available. It is because paraffin molecule has impressive viscosity index focus. It is pretty simple to expect that the major applications of bright stock is in the field of industrial applications and automotive application and better alternative to this is actually available.

The shift of use of bright stock has been shifted and there are several products like Base oil Sn500 which are now rightly used in various segments for various applications.